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October 18, 2004

The world according to Bush - and Update

The world according to Bush is a documentary aired on Canadian CBC News World on October 17th. This incredible documentary reveals many facts about the current inner circle of the US administration, who are practically agents of Israel and/or representatives of the US oil and military hardware industries. The documentary reveals the close relationships betweenGeorge Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush and the Nazis as well as the ever close relationships of the George Bush Sr. and George W. Bush with Saudis in general and Bin Laden family in particular.

There are so many issues which are interesting and perhaps surprising to some which cannot be all mentioned in this short essay about the documentary, however, it can be said that:
...Much of The World According to Bush takes the form of one-on-one interviews and includes Bush's speech writer David Frum; former weapons inspectors Hans Blix and David Kay; presidential adviser Richard Perle; Secretary of State Colin Powell; former CIA director James Woolsey; and former UN secretary-general Javier Perez de Cuellar...
All I can say is that the documentary reveals how dangerous the runners of Washington are to the world security. Most of the interviews in the documentary are with Americans officials, journalists and writers in which a balance of view points have been presented.

Unfortunately, I don't currently have access to the video clip of this documentary; however, if and when I do find the clip, I will provide them to the readers of my blog. For now, all I can say is "don't miss the documentary" if it becomes available to you. It is well worth watching.

Here is the video of the documentary, "The world according to Bush". Don't miss it.

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