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December 01, 2004

Ottawa's air stank yesterday; Bush was in town

Bush, the mass murderer, put his dirty steps on Canadian soil yesterday. Ottawa's soil has been contaminated. Its air also stinks and will continue stinking for quite some time even after "the dirt" is out of the beautiful city.

He was greeted by angry protesters who were protesting the presence of the "disgrace of humanity" in Canada. The crowd could have been much larger if his visit was in the weekend. Crime-hater Canadians from all over the country would have been there to show how much a disgrace they consider Bush to be. Bush was supposed to address the parliament too but he chose not to. He knew he wouldn't be quite welcomed in there too. Expect his like-minded neo-conservatives of the new Conservative party, he is not liked by many representatives of the Canadians as he is not liked by the general Canadian public. Canadians don't like the murderer of 100,000 people. No decent being can like this monstrous creature who also happens to be so dumb. No decent being can like him.

Bush also took his dirty existence to the eastern Canadian city of Halifax to "thank" Canadians who took 7000 Americans into the warmth of their homes when their flights where redirected to Canadian eastern cities right after the September 11 attacks. After over three years of initially ignoring and not acknowledging the help of Canadians after 9/11 attacks, Bush wanted to thank eastern Canadians for their hospitality. I am sure people of eastern Canada did not do it for Bush. They did it because that is in Canada's nature. They did it because some people needed help, and helping those people was the right thing to do. Bush should have kept his stupid thank for himself as Canadians do dislike him and his fake thanks and gratitudes have no value to Canadians.

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