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January 09, 2005

CNN's disgusting manipulation

US forces have bombed and destroyed a "wrong house" in Iraq that has resulted in the death of 14 people. There is nothing new in this as this has been the case ever since Iraq was invaded. But the way it is reported by CNN is truly disgusting:

First of all, although it is clear that this has been done directly by the US forces, CNN calls it "coalition F16" or "U.S.-led multinational". Then in the detail of the incident, CNN has no choice but mentioning the US forces when it say:
Witnesses told CNN that U.S. ground forces first raided the house in the village of A'ytya. The witnesses reported hearing screams coming from the vicinity of the house, and then the forces left. Minutes later, the house exploded, the witnesses said.

Fourteen people lived in the house, neighbors said.
Just "fourteen people lived" in the house. Ok, what happened to them? CNN deliberately ignores mentioning anything about what happened to those people. CNN's dirty journalism has been always clear to people with brain, but it is even worse that many Americans consider CNN a liberate News Channel. If this is the "liberal" media, then what is the anti-liberal media?

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