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June 10, 2005

A "terrorist sympathizer" Major General?

Here and in some other blogs, well rightwing blogs, I have been often accused of being a terrorist sympathizer because I regularly write against invasion of Iraq by the American army. I have been called many names, so many names, but since the accusers were mostly bunch of idiots, I never took them seriously and in many cases I just had fun humiliating them by exposing their brain non-functionalities. As far as I remember, I have never condoned violence and as a result I have never expressed support to the armed resistance to the Anglo-American occupation of Iraq. But the accusations kept coming and coming.

Well, may be the same idiots can now start using the same accusations against the senior US army General who recently stated that the 'Good and honest' Iraqis fighting US forces.

Major General Joseph Taluto said he could understand why some ordinary people would take up arms against the US military because "they're offended by our presence".

In an interview with Gulf News, he said: "If a good, honest person feels having all these Humvees driving on the road, having us moving people out of the way, having us patrol the streets, having car bombs going off, you can understand how they could [want to fight us]."

Let's wait and see if this army chief will receive the same accusations as I've always been "generously" given.

Found at Greatscat.

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