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July 23, 2005

What a change in the story from Thursday to Saturday

On Thursday, there were a few small explosions in London Subway stations and one on a double-Decker bus. Police called it "failed attempts which were aimed at killing large number of people" by the terrorists. I don't understand how it could be failed attempt, as the explosion's indeed occurred anyway. But they were just small explosions. One possibility that I can see on this is that whoever was responsible for the blasts, just wanted to give a massage saying "we can".

However, yesterday Police in London shut and killed a man who was wearing a thick coat (an indication of being a terrorist? What a crime!) They immediately claimed that the man was "directly linked" with the "failed attempts". According to an eyewitness's account, aired on CBC radio, the man was on the ground and almost apprehended by many officers. However, one of the officers unloaded all the bullets into the man from centimeters of distance.

Today, London police released an statement expressing that they
"are now satisfied that he was not connected with the incidents of Thursday 21st July 2005."
Wow! They are "now satisfied". A man is killed, as simple as that, and the police only takes that much responsibility for the murdering of the man.

Well, to give London Police a fair credit, at least they are quickly admitting that they screwed, unlike their American counterparts who are excellent in covering up their own screw-ups.

Update 1:
It has been known now that the man shut dead by London Police was Brazilian. So this would be known sooner or later. As a result, I'm now having my doubt whether the credit I gave to London Police was warranted at all. After all, who knows if they would admit the same way they have done now, if the victim was from the Middle East.

Update 2:
It turned out the killer police officer, did not shoot five bullets, he shot eight bullets, seven of them into the victim's head. Why eight shots, who knows. But perhaps it is an indication of the level of hatred that the murderer police officer was filled with, when he assumed the victims was from the Middle East.

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