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October 16, 2004

The Guardian's interesting initiative

The Guardian has initiated an interesting move by asking each one of its non-Americans readers to send an email to one (and only one) voter in Clark County in Ohio to explain how US policies effect each non-American personally, and the rest of the world more generally. It is asking its readers to tell the voter who they hope Ohions will choose for the White House.

...It works like this. By typing your email address into the box on this page, you will receive the name and address of a voter in Clark County, Ohio. You may not have heard of it, but it's one of the most marginal areas in one of the most marginal states: at the last election, just 324 votes separated Democrats from Republicans. It's a place where a change of mind among
just a few voters could make a real difference.

Writing to a Clark County voter is a chance to explain how US policies effect you personally, and the rest of the world more generally, and who you hope they will send to the White House. It may even persuade someone to use their vote at all....

It was laughable to me when I read that one of the rightwing blogers who sometimes calls himself a liberal, called The Guardian "The Interfering Guardian". It was laughable because the same bloger has been and still is one of the biggest supporters of invasion (ultimate interference in issues) of Iraq, yet, he criticizes the Guardian for interfering (ONLY) for urging its readers to write to the American voters and tell them about how the US policies effect other people of the world.

I think the rightwingers are desperate and feel threatened from the communication between Americans and non-Americans. This communiaction can provide the oportunity for many Americans to see the reality of the world, something that the US media has constantly denied them from seeing. I also think the Guardian initiative is very interesting and given the critical importance of Ohio votes in the US presidential elections, this initiative should be more publicized. So, please spread the word.

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