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October 13, 2004

Third debate: Kerry Vs. Bush

This doesn't mean that I am a fan of Kerry or anything, but I have to say that obviously Kerry crushed Bush tonight even more than he did during last two debates. Perhaps because Bush wasn't wired tonight and had to be completely himself. That was exactly why he looked more than ever like a clown. Bush was obviously nervous from the beginning. He really acted and looked stupid. After all, he was "himself" tonight.

But I have to give credit to Bush on something: During each one of the last two debates, Bush numerous times said that his war on terror was working. He said many times that 75% of Al-Qaeda had been dismantled. Tonight he changed it and he didn't repeat the same nonsense again. He showed that he has "matured". Instead of saying 75%, this time he said "three quarters" of Al-Qaeda had been dismantled. With a man with the talent of George Bush, this should be considered as a great achievement. Don't you think so?

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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