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February 16, 2005

Happy Kyoto accord

Today, February 16th, Kyoto accord with the aim of controlling the global warming by reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions especially CO2 and methane gas that are being produced, finally takes effect. This accord is signed and is to be implemented by 141 countries around the world.

It is quite disturbing that the largest single producer of CO2, the United States, is not part of this global effort to save our planet and the air we breath. United States, which initially signed this accord during Clinton Administration, withdrew from the accord soon after Bush became the president. It is completely understandable that this action of the Bush Administration was absolutely natural. After all, with this accord, many of the guiltiest industries such as oil and gas industry would be forced to make changes in the way they operate. It is understandable why the US withdrew from the accord. After all, who can serve these "environmental terrorsists" more than the ones who themselves are deeply in oil business? Yes, like many other policies of his, George Bush along with his oily gang, yet again showed how much of a puppet he is in the hands of the the big corporations with the cost of jeopardising the future of our children and their children.

Today, more than 30% of world's greenhouse gas emissions are produced by the United States with under 5% of the world population. Being second only after Australia (the only other develpoed nation that has not signed the accord), Canada is also guilty for being the largest producer of the CO2 per capita. But unlike Australia, Canada is at least committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions as determined by the accord.

Implementation of the Kyoto accord is a welcome news for anyone who cares about the world we live in and the world we are responsible to pass on to the next generations, at least not much worse than it already is. Kyoto should not be the ultimate goal; it should be just the beginning. We have to demand more and the progressive people of the countries that are not participating in this global effort, must put pressure on their governments to join the global community, and to stop destroying our environment.

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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