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November 02, 2005

Guantanamo Bay; a constant nightmare with no end

This piece is dedicated to all of the prisoners around the world who are the victims of the dictatorship regimes and/or the bullies of the world; The prisoners who are not subject to due and fair process and their future only depends on how their butchers decide for them, with or without moral justifications.

Just think about it:

Imagine you are a detainee in Guantanamo Bay or in one of the newly discovered prison systems of the United States around the world. You are isolated from the world. For so many years, you haven't had access to the outside world even without being charged for any crime. All you've seen for years have been the ugly faces of your butchers. All of a sudden, you are told that you are going to be visited by the people from the Red Cross or, say the UN or some human rights organizations. How are you going to believe that those supposedly Red Cross people or the UN people are actually from the Red Cross or the UN? You want to talk to them and tell them what you are going through. You are desperate. You want to ask them to tell the world about what the "democracy and freedom-loving" America is doing to you. You want to cry for them. You want to tell them that you are choking and you want to tell them and ask them to do something to stop the monstrous bully who is freely doing whatever the f*** it wants with you without fear of punishment. You want to tell them about all your pains and suffering for not seeing your spouse, your kids, your brothers and sisters, your parents. You want to tell them about how difficult it is not knowing what comes next and until when you have to be in a limbo and if there is any end to this at all. You want to talk to them from the bottom of heart... .

...But you can't. You can't even be so sure if those nice talking people are really from where they are claiming to be. May be they are, may be they aren't. How would you know? You are afraid of the retribution and more suffering if you talk your mind and it turns out that you've been actually asking your butchers to help you. How difficult is it for the butchers to pretend to be there to help? How difficult is it for the criminals running those illegal and immoral facilities to have some crooks to pretend to be from the Red Cross, only to examine you to know how you would react if you really were given the chance to see the Red Cross people or people from human rights organizations?

Being a detainee, when there is no rule but the rule of the jungle, can be the most terrifying experience that anyone can have. You just need to put yourself in their position to have a glimpse of what they are going through.

We do have the moral responsibility to speak out against this injustice. We have the moral responsibility to scream that "one must be considered innocent, unless proven guilty"not like what the criminals in the White House have done to hundreds of the detainees who are held without a charge in a place considered to be one of the symbols of the human right abuses.

Please take a minute to imagine yourself in their position and then speak out, in whichever way you can defend human rights. Please do not neglect. This is the least we can do from the warmth of our homes.

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HUMAN first, then a proud IRANIAN

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