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November 11, 2005

Not just a joke

The president sat behind his stately desk in the Oval Office and drummed his fingers impatiently on the arm of his chair.
He pressed a button. "Anything yet, Karl?"
The voice of the president's closest adviser emanated from a desk speaker. "Nothing yet, President Bush, but we expect a call at any moment. I'll notify you immediately."
The president tapped his fingers harder, bounced his knee up and down, spun in his chair. He couldn't hold out much longer.
Suddenly, the phone rang. The president snatched the receiver. "Mr. President," the aide named Karl said, "the Radical Religious Right, line two." "Finally!" The president hit line two and said, "Hello?"
"You may now go," the Radical Religious Right said.
"Thank you!" The president dropped the receiver to the desk and ran to the presidential washroom.... .
Not very off from reality. But it would have been even closer to reality if the calls were coming not only from "the Radical Religious Right" but also from the headquaters of the Corporate America and even some from Tel Aviv; depending on the category of the issues.

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