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December 20, 2009

The man who stood up to Khomeini

Mr. Montazeri died, or did he?!

He was with Khomeini during the fights against the Shah Regime. Then he became second to Khomeini after the revolution. He would be the leader of the country after the death of Khomeini if he had just kept his mouth shut and had not continued criticizing Khomeini. He did not hesitate criticizing Khomeini when necessary. The peak of his criticisms was in 1989 when hundreds of Iranian youth were being executed by Khomeini's regime every day. As a result of challenging Khomeini on that, he was disapproved by Khomeini. After the death of Khomeini, he was practically put on house arrest by Ali Khamenei's for about 20 years.

In recent years, Montazeri directly challenged the regime and was becoming a serious threat to the regime. He was the moral support for the people and their struggle against the regime.

I never thought that I would ever shed tears for a cleric, but I did today and was saddened for the loss of this man; man of dignity and high principles. I pay my sincere respect to this man and will forever remember him as a man who did not sell his dignity in exchange of being in power.


December 07, 2009

Updates on Iran for English speaking readers

Recently, I haven't been writing much in my English blog. However, for those English speaking readers of my blog who would like to know more about the events in Iran, I would suggest to visit hundreds of other blogs about Iran. One that I notice being updated regularly is Neo-Resistance by Naj. Even most of Persian contents are translated to English for those who do not know Persian.

Keep up the good work Naj!



Ahmadinejad at his best

This idiot is not my president!
He doesn't even look like us!

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December 01, 2009

Ahmadinejad: A shared gift

How true!

Iranian regime and the Israeli Zionists: Same sh*ts from different piles


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