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This blog represents the way I see some of the most significant events impacting the world and its citizens. This blog also represents how I react to the events as a member of humanity with a voice, a determined voice that insists to be heard. The voice of an Iranian who loves his country but his priority is humanity; humanity without border. I will say what I want to say, when I want to say it, and how I want to say it, but I will never lie. I will also listen; I promise.

February 27, 2007

Away for a while.

I'll be a way for a week. When I come back, I'll try to address the problem with the appearance of this blog on some screens. Meanwhile, any suggestion as to how to correct the problem is absolutely appreciated.


February 26, 2007

Asper's domination of Canadain media

Israel Harold 'Izzy' Asper


February 25, 2007

"Innocent till proven guilty", not the otherway around stupid!

Canada's Supreme Court Upholds Rights of terror SUSPECTS. This is the day of triumph for Human Rights in Canada!

Thomas Walkom from Toronto Star calls it in the post-9/11 world, this counts as progress.


February 20, 2007

To a special guest tonight

To a special Iranian woman who, along with her American husband, will be watching this video and other videos tonight.

Originally posted here and here.


Iran Iran

Our beautiful country is in danger of destruction. Prevent another Iraq from happening.

Iran must change; but by Iranians and ONLY by Iranians.


Here is Iran

Once again Iran


Somewhere in Iran

Click to enlarge.
Courtsey of TEHRAN 24.


Tehran in 90 minutes

Tehran in 90 minutes: Good, bad, ugly... and ..., well... sometimes funny too!

As comprehensive as it can get in 90 minutes, this BBC documentary is a fairly accurate display of some of the aspects of life in Tehran; of course with a general over-estimation and over-emphasis on the coservative side.

When you get to the part related to the tunel opening ceremony and the seven brides and grooms, remember that it is what is ideal to the eyes of the regime and not necessarily the Iranians in general. For example, the way the brides and the grooms, particularly brides, are dressed is NOT a typical wedding fashion; the newly-wed couples are generally from the conservative sect of the society. Perhaps that is why they have been selected to be part of the ceremony.

Worth watching!

Thanks to F.V. for sending it to me.


February 18, 2007

A clip of Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth

About one third of the global Greenhouse gases is produced in the United States while the population of that country is only less than twentieth of the world population.


Mount Damavand, Iran

Mount Damavand, 50 km northeast of Tehran
Courtesy of Amazing Iran
Came across at Neo-Resistance


Shahrak-E-Gharb, Tehran

Shahrak-E-Gharb, a little village located in northwest of Tehran.
Click on the image to enlarge.
Courtesy of TEHRAN 24


February 17, 2007

Al Gore; past and present

I have a mixed feeling about Al Gore. On one hand, he was second most powerful man in the US during the Clinton administration when the UN, under the influence of the US continued pressure, not on Saddam and his regime but practically on people of Iraq, by imposing sanctions on Iraq which only caused hardship and tremendous suffering to people of Iraq, especially to Iraqi children who were the victims of the genocidal policies of the US, and the UN for that matter. This was from denying Iraqis in general and Iraqi children in particular of the basic life necessities in addition to regularly bombing of the Iraqi infrastructures such as their water treatment plants and/or preventing Iraq from obtaining what was needed for maintenance of those infrastructures. The Iraq sanctions only hurt people of Iraq and not the regime (for more details of Clinton administration's involvement on those genocides see the previous post).

Yes, during that time, Al Gore was the Vice president of the United States. He could have done a lot to prevent or to avoid these genocides against people of Iraq.

Additionally, the fact that in his run for presidency of the United States in 2000, he chose Joe Lieberman as his running mate, is extremely unjustifiable. Lieberman; an American by birth but an Israeli at heart, has demonstrated so many times how his priorities are based on the interests of Israel. He has shown so many times that he is nothing but a warmonger Zionist. But yet, Al Gore had chosen him for his to-be vice president. A very questionable move on Al Gore's part.

Now, my mixed feeling about Al Gore started back in August 2003 and January 2004 and a couple of other occasions, when I wrote about Al Gore's position towards the issues related to the Environment and Climate Change and the Bush administration's policies with that regard. I have to admit that I now even feel more respect for Al Gore as I see him making real efforts in a positive direction.

After watching Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth", I feel great admiration for his efforts and his great fact-filled documentary. The documentary, if you will, has been presented in a very comprehensive and easy-to-understand format that will make a huge impact in making us feel how earth and its climate is fast and dangerously moving towards the trashhold point with no return. I strongly recommend watching this documentary. I also sincerely applaud Al Gore for making such a great and critical documentary.


February 14, 2007

Like father, like son; the criminality of Bush family

How could an honest American, or a French for that matter, watch this documentary and not feel, at least partially, ashamed of his or her country's policies? A I said, "like father; like son" the criminality runs in the Bush family. Not that I'm forgetting about Reagan and Clinton.

Be patient! Watch it all!


February 12, 2007

Just for the fun of it!

The convincing argument as to why Iranians are not terrorists.


February 10, 2007

Speak out against Israeli Apartheid

Israeli Apartheid Week, February 12-17


February 04, 2007

A tribute to Mehdi!

A friend on mine just lost his brother. For some time his brother was battling some kind of cancer. He was diagnosed in Iran; underwent some lengthy treatment process; had many ups and downs, and finally he was taken to Germany for further treatment. In this long and frustrating process his brother, Mehdi, a very busy dentist who lives in Canada, virtually never left him alone. During the treatment process in Iran, Mehdi made frequent trips to Iran. Then when in Germany, Mehdi continued traveling back and forth. They even had their other brother taken to Germany to provide some kind of blood related supply. In short, this whole affair had disrupted the lives of so many people, from Mehdi and his beautiful and caring wife Parastou who is also a busy dentist, to his other brother and the deceased's own family as well as the rest of the family who are now virtually devastated by the passing.

I've been told that Mehdi and his brother were so close to each other so perhaps it should not been hard to picture how difficult it is for Mehdi now to deal with the loss. You know, Mehdi has been quite private on this matter; never talked about it and was never asked, at least not by me, so all I know is perhaps a shadow of what has happened. But what is clear to me is that he did all he could. He did all a good brother, a good friend, can do; from spending money and time, to supporting his brother by being by his side all the way to the end of this sad journey. What else could he do? Really! I can't see much.

Mehdi's brother, whom I never met, is now gone and I know how hard it is for Mehdi who right now, once again, has flown to Germany. But he must be proud of himself for doing all he could and not hesitating in making any effort. There are events that no one can prevent and one of them is "death at the end". Sooner or later, this will eventually happen to us and those we love dearly. But how we deal with it before it happens is what matters the most. Mehdi did well, very well, so did Parastou by being so patient and supportive of her husband during this whole difficult process.

I salute them both by offering my sincere condolences to Mehdi and Parastou.


February 03, 2007

Hillary Clinton: I am a better ass-kisser, Israel's ass that is

I never liked Hillary Clinton since I always considered her to be an ass-kisser of Israel. Now, she wants to become the US president. Well, if an idiot like Bush can become the president, why not this bitch? But in her journey towards the presidency she needs all the support she can get, legitimate or illegitimate. That's why she has started putting extra efforts to prove to the Israeli lobbies in the US that she can easily pass others in the race of "who can kiss Israel's ass more". How pathetic is that in the US being an ass-kisser of Israel has become one of the main determining factors in dream of become the US president.

When this disgusting cycle changes, I bet US might be able to win the hearts and minds of some of the world people, including me.


February 01, 2007

Are we less than animals?

Listening to music; the type of music that I enjoy, makes me extremely emotional. When I listen to such music, regardless of whether it has a sad, happy or exciting tone, I feel extremely good about life; if for nothing else, at least for being alive and being able to listen to such music. But almost every time that I'm in the peak of enjoyment, suddenly something comes in that ruins everything, ruins all my joy. Especially in such times, I feel extremely sad and angry that I'm unable to share the enjoyment with many people who, right at that moment, are somewhere, somehow suffering; helplessly.

If I come across a piece of news, report or information, everything would obviously be so clear as it is already pictured for me otherwise, I make up things; not exactly making things up, but only picturing things that might not be exactly real but I'm almost sure they sure not far from the reality either; only the details might not be exactly the way I picture them. I picture those who are suffering somewhere in isolation of the barbaric system that allows people to suffer to the points of almost suffocation, those who are being tortured, those who have just lost their loved ones, those who are starving and in the need of a little piece of bread to survive, those fathers and mothers who are witnessing slow death of their children that are desperate to put something in their bellies, those children who are somewhere, somehow being abused.

This morning I came across this:

Russian prosecutors are investigating allegations that hospital staff in Yekaterinburg gagged babies because they did not want to hear them crying.
Put yourself in place of those children; with not knowing much about the world, not having experienced much in this world, just pain, just confusion, just being somehow tied up without even knowing what it is; where it is coming from; just helplessness, just struggle.

Although this particular shame has apparently come to an end; thanks to the accidental noticing of that by Elena Kuritsyna, this incident is of the smallest horrors that are happening in the world, every moment. This is just a small example of what is happening in our dirty world.

You know, human kind is big and in the same time petty and disgusting.

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