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This blog represents the way I see some of the most significant events impacting the world and its citizens. This blog also represents how I react to the events as a member of humanity with a voice, a determined voice that insists to be heard. The voice of an Iranian who loves his country but his priority is humanity; humanity without border. I will say what I want to say, when I want to say it, and how I want to say it, but I will never lie. I will also listen; I promise.

October 31, 2003

Pentagon decided not to investigate its own war crimes, Like anybody expected Rumy to do otherwise!

Pentagon has announced it will not investigate the allegations of war crimes committed by the US forces during Vietnam war. Did anybody expect Pentagon to investigate its own war crimes?

The Toledo Blade Newspaper has an investigation on this issue titled: Buried Secrets, Brutal Truth and Massacre Stories need to be told that has many former US soldiers who witnessed those crimes and has them talk about them.
Yes, this is the US.


October 29, 2003

Just "conspiracy theory" or much more? - update

Tonight, I watched the season premier of "the Fifth Estate", a CBC documentary.

To those Americans who truly and sincerely believe their president have been acting with good faith, I would seriously recommend not to miss this documentary. Again my suggestion to these Americans is that if they have unlimited faith on their government and their president, not to waste their time looking at this documentary, because no matter how many facts are examined in this documentary and no matter how credible they are, they will continue having their blind-acting eyes to the truth. But if they really care about their country, their people, and perhaps a bit for other people of the world including at least 13000 Iraqis who have been victimized by the aggression of the American and British leaders, watch or read this documentary.

September 11 was a devastating enough a day for the Americans and for the humanity to warrant spending a couple of hours looking at the events leading to and after September 11 with critical eyes.

I will try to provide a link to online version of this documentary if available as the text provided with this link might not be sufficient enough however, complete transcripts or video for this documentary can be purchased by calling 1-800-363 1281.

This documentary examines the (long before, during and after September 11) relationship between the Bush family from father to son with Saudi officials especially Bin Laden family and how they interdepended on each other and the level of huge cover ups from the White House, including overnight classifying some critical documents which were promised to be presented to the US Senate committee the next day (obviously never happened). This was only one of many things that would be seriously disturbing to those Americans who can look at the truth with open eyes and minds.

As far as the Bush family is concerened, the least you can get from this documentary is to realize how corrupt the Bush family; Sr. and Jr., have been in financial issues and how easily they used their public positions for personal benefit. Read the timeline of the relationship between the Bush and Bin Laden families.

At best, it shows that there are many good reasons why this "conspiracy theory" might not just be a "theory" and again at best you can see a negligence by the US high officials; a criminal negligence causing about 3000 deaths, and you can also see the possibility that the dear sworn president of the United States was a mass murderer against his own people or at least knowing about the attacks before they happened and decided to ignore it . The documentary does not conclude anything as it correctly mentions that there are not concrete evidence proving this, but it also leaves the decision to the audience as what they really think happened.

Did you know that 3 months after September 11, in one of his speeches George Bush said that he saw on TV when first plane hit the building? In fact he did not see anything at the time of the collision, and he was just told about not the first plane but the second plane while he was in that school with some children ppaying. If you think this might be significant, wait to watch the whole documentary.

You can now watch parts of the documentary Conspiracy Theories.


October 28, 2003

Bomb alert over "break-wind" dog

When a 'break-wind' dog can spark major security alert in an American airport, imagine what Al-Qaida can do. May be the dog was exposed to explosives or may be even it was fed with explosive materials that generated so much reading on sensitive monitoring equipments. To achieve the highest result, John Ashcroft should personally investigate this. Read here .


Why Israel dares to commit so many crimes without fear of being held accountable?

Perhaps this explains why:
"Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We the Jewish people, control America and the Americans know it."

- Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001, speaking to Shimon Peres, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.


Some dates you might want to remember

Stop the Wall! : Nov. 9, International Day of Solidarity with Palestinians Against Israel's Separation Wall

Shut Down the (terrorist training) School of the Americas , Nov. 21-23 Vigil and Nonviolent Civil Resistance Action

Protest Cheney Friday, October 31st 2003 04:00 pm Bonita springs, FL


October 27, 2003

Elected by the people (was he?), serving the big business

Republican administration of George Bush is for the rich and for the big business. Its whole existence is based on serving the big business. Administrations such as current US administration always oppose passing laws which would protect the health of the public as well as the environment, that is if according to these laws, the big businesses have to do many modifications in the way they operate, such as installing devices and implementing new procedures which would reduce the amount of pollution generated. These devices sure are usually expensive, but the fact that lack of these devices would harm the immediate publics' health which is the American public, dealing with this issue should be the priority of a responsible government. Never mind that these pollutions also have global impacts and affect the lives of people from other countries (as the US is by far the worst pollutant of the environment), after all, an administration that sacrifices the health of its own people by protecting the interests of the big corporations, will not give a damn about other people of the world.

Apparently some States have now decided to sue the administration for its reluctance to make regulations that would force the coal-fired utility companies and oil refiners to install pollution-reduction equipment on the aged facilities.

Well, doesn't it sound familiar? Oil, Bush, Cheney..... . One doesn't need to be smart to see the connection. Read here .


Damn you, Bush. Damn you and your criminal friend Blair

This boy should have been in his classroom or playing right now instead of his body getting decomposed under a ton of dirt. What kind of father are you bas...d.

You not only seriously lack intelligence, but also have no idea about humanity. How many childrens' heads have you and your criminal gang blown apart so far, so your rich bas...d friends can get richer? Oh, I never thought an idiot could cause so much harm to humanity.


October 26, 2003

Of course it wouldn't, Iraq is not just Saddam

Caught in a quagmire in Iraq, the United States has admitted capturing Saddam Hussein would not necessarily end all resistance attacks.
"It will be helpful, it won't end the attacks," Paul Bremer, the US-occupation administrator in Baghdad said.
The occupation forces have so far preferred to blame all attacks on a handful of loyalists of the ousted Saddam regime.

Yes, Of course capturing Saddam wouldn't end the attack on Americans. Only those who believe Iraqis who are fighting the US occupation forces are Saddam loyalists would think it would. Saddam is not Iraq and Iraq is not just Saddam.


Veterans' Letter To President Bush

"...I have watched the direction that you and your Administration are taking this nation and I have been recoiling in horror. You and your Attorney General are one by one eroding the freedoms that so many of us have fought and died for. You have turned most of the Free World against us and destroyed the respect most of the people on this planet held for this country."

"...Please, for the good of this great nation, you must step aside and allow us to get on with the business of freedom, liberty, and justice." Here is the complete letter .


October 25, 2003

Everybody Knows; well, not quite everybody

Pedram at Eyeranian has posted the text of a song by Leonard Cohen called: Everybody Knows. I think this is a perfect song that almost describes what has happened and what is happening.

An excerpt:

"....Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows
Everybody knows that the boat is leaking
Everybody knows that the captain lied....."

Check it out.


October 24, 2003

1967 Israeli Attack on U.S. Ship Was Deliberate

A former Navy attorney who helped lead the military investigation of the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty that killed 34 American servicemen says former President Lyndon Johnson and his defense secretary, Robert McNamara, ordered that the inquiry conclude the incident was an accident.
No, the aAbove is not from me, it's from FOX news. Even FOX is forced to touch the issue .

Even Jerusalem Post is covering the issue.

And Israeli Pilot Admits attack on USS Liberty Was Intentional . And also this is interesting.

Well, if it is too much to handle, go back to bed and sleep.

Update: Additional comment - Oct. 25, 11:20 AM
Even worse was the cover up attempt by Johnson administration and the question is why they would ignore the death of their own soldiers in order to protect Israel's image from being further tarnished. Looks like hiding things from the American public is a tradition in US politics: See the same link above to Jerousalem Post.


If true, it's outrageous - U.S. defence contractor to count Canadian heads

An American military contractor will carry out most or part of the next Canadian census, the NDP said Thursday a charge the federal government didn't deny.

Lockheed-Martin produces ballistic missile-defence systems, advanced gun systems, land attack missiles and now they'll help Ottawa compile information about Canadians, New Democrat MP Bill Blaikie told the House of Commons.

The U.S.-based multinational company will work on the 2006 census, Mr. Blaikie said.

He called it his worst nightmare a U.S. defence contractor getting detailed information on Canada and asked the government to confirm that a contract had been signed. Read here .

Information about Canadians by the US? Is this a modern way of invasion? If it wasn't for the NDP, we might not have known about this. That is why we need strong opposition such as the NDP in the House of Commons to reveal these threatening information to the public.


"Liberators" are "liberating" Iraqi money not the people

A British charity has accused the US-controlled Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) in Iraq of failing to account for $4bn meant to help rebuild the country.
The report's authors calculated that the CPA had received at least $5bn in oil revenues and assets seized from Saddam Hussein's government.
However, only $1bn of this could be traced, while the rest had simply vanished into a "financial black hole", said the report.

And what a convincing response CPA has given:
A spokeswoman for the CPA in Baghdad responded by saying that the authority was committed to "the highest standards of transparency and accountability" in its handling of Iraqi funds.

Please stop liberating (ridding) Iraqi money from Iraqi people Uncle Sam.


October 23, 2003

Where the US is heading to

In his blog Advanced Calculus has a short but interesting post in which he points out couple of huge failures in the US system. You might wish to check it out.


Respecting Geneva Convention?

This photo was taken in first days of US/British attack on Iraq. What do you see in this picture that shouldn't be there, aside death and distruction of course.


October 22, 2003

Symantec study: Israel top Internet attacker

A survey by Symantec revealed that 6 of 10 top internet offender countries in the world are in Middle East. Isreal and Iran are both of top offenders; Israel being the worst offender. Looks like Israel is keeping its tradition of crimes alives complementing its crimes against the humanity with cyber crime. Read here .


Amnesty International: Wanton Israel Gaza Destruction Is A War Crime

Amnesty International condemns in the strongest terms the large-scale destruction by the Israeli army of Palestinian homes in a refugee camp in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah, which made homeless hundreds of people, including many children and elderly people. Read more .

Looks like this by itself is a good response to he who said in the comments:

"And by the way, Faramin, if Israel really wanted to make life unbearable for the so-called palestinians, they would do what the late Hafez al-Assad did to his city of Hama - surround their cities with artillery and pound them day and night until the cities were in ruins and huge numbers of people were dead (sounds like West Bank and Gaza strip towns and refugee camps to me - Faramin)
But the Israelis aren't as savage as the arabs (well, see above - Faramin) and don't commit mass murder of the kind that arabs find so easy to commit. Maybe it has something to do with that "religion" those arabs follow."


October 21, 2003

On Depleted Uranium, again

I have posted something about Extereme Birth Deformities, resulted from Depleted Uranium at In War We Trust. You might wish to check it out.


Take your dirty boot off his neck

Human Rights Watch: U.S. Uses "Indiscriminate" Force Against Iraqis: The New York-based Human Right Watch accused the American occupation forces of "excessive or indiscriminate use of force" against civilians in Baghdad as well as failing to conduct proper investigations in cases of civilian deaths in the Iraqi capital. More here .


American retired Colonel accuses the US and British leaders for orchestrated propaganda against their own public

A new report by retired Air Force Colonel Sam Gardiner charges the U.S. and Britain relied on information warfare and psychological operations to inform the public in the lead-up and during the invasion of Iraq. He outlines over 50 stories that appeared in the U.S. media that were either purposely false or misleading.

Listen or watch what the Colonel has to say. You might find how naive you have been in believing your leaders. Click here .


Chirac Thwarts EU Condemnation of Anti-Semitism

Israel has no problem with the US blocking any and all UN Resolutions against Israel, but when Chirac takes a stand for freedom of speech, Israel gets outraged, proving once again that Israel has a double standard. One set of rules for Israel, and another for everyone else. Read more .

I am just beginning to wander whether the spoiled Israel indeed is what it is called: "A cancer tumor".


October 20, 2003

Banks are the corrupt foundations of Capitalism, don't trust them

Sometimes ago, I received a pre-approved line of credit for the amount of $25,000 form a financial institution. What sounded good was that for 1 year the interest rate on transferred amounts from other institutions to this would be only 1.99%, however any carried forward ballance on purchases would be 17.99%.

Well, It seemed like a good opportunity to consolidate some of the debts from other institutions for which my L of C rate was higher. So, I accepted the offer. The offer was in a form of Platinum Master Card.

So, I transferred many of my balances from other accounts to this and started using this card for purcahsing purposes as well.

After receiving my first statement, I notices that I was already charged 4% on the amount that was transferred as transaction fee. Well, I called and had this issue resolved. Then, I paid the amount equal to the my ballance resulted from using this card in purchssing things and kept the ballance resulted from the debt consolidation.

The second statement that I received surprised me when I noticed how much I was charged for interest; that absolutely didn't sound 1.99% annual rate. So, I called again, and raised my objection. It was redicilus when I was told that any payment made would first be applied to the low interest part of the ballance (1.99%) and if anything is left it would be applied to the ballance of the high interest part.

Well I was really angry and told the representaive of the institution that:"so what is the purpose of -pay only 1.99% for a year- if I am already being charged 18%?" and you know what? I told him to close my account, and again I told him that I would write about the issue on my blog. And here it was.

Do not believe these bastards. If something comes form them that sounds really good, believe me there is something hidden in it. After all, that's how capitalism works and is based on: deceive people and win big time.


Living on memories of lost family

Six months after 10 members of the Abid Hassan Hamoodi's family were all killed by the US/British coalition bombings, he now only lives on his memories of them.

"I will never forget my family for a second. We were all living here in my house and now I am left by myself. Alone. ", "They are of my blood. My wife, my daughter, who was a doctor, my son, a computer engineer and my grandchildren. They have all gone. ...I am now living on my memories. But I will never forget them. How could I do that?" More here .


Gaza Strike

Sharon Pain

Courtesy of BBC


Wake up and smell the coffee

Congressman Henry Waxman Says Haliburton Is Raping The American Tax Payer. Watch here .

Wake up and smell the coffee and see what Cheney and Co are doing to you.


Dick Cheney ; Vice President Halliburton:

"Since I left Halliburton to become George Bush's vice president, I've severed all my ties with the company, gotten rid of all my financial interest. I have no financial interest in Halliburton of any kind and haven't had, now, for over three years." -- Vice President Cheney on the Sept. 14 showing of "Meet the Press".
Not true, says the Congressional Research Service.


October 19, 2003

Golden Peacock for Iranian filmmaker, 23 year old Ms. Makhmalbaf

23 year old Ms. Makhmalbaf received Golden Peacock award for her film "At 5 in the Afternoon" at the closing of the 34th International Film Festival of India. In a moving gesture, Golden Peacock winner Makhmalbaf, who was not present to receive her prize, donated the entire cash prize associated with this award to Indian NGOs working for human rights, women and children. More here .


A few comforting words for Farid

Lose of mothers are always very difficult to handle. I just learned that a cyber-friend; Farid, lost his mother recently.

You might wish to leave him a few words of comfort. Here is Uncertainty; his shared blog with Iman .


You deserve worse than this Mr. President

No palace parade for Bush as Blair gets cold feet
Plans for the Queen and George W Bush to make a triumphant procession along the Mall during the president's state visit next month have been abandoned because of fears of anti-war protests.

This was sent to me by a friend. I thought to share it with you.


Ben Laden's tape made Bush's day

When I read the text of the latest Ben Laden tape addressing Iraqis and the Americans especially where he warns Americans that "I say to the American people we will continue to fight you and continue to conduct martyrdom operations inside and outside the United States", then I thought this is the best gift to Bush and gang to exploits it in order to once again increase the fear factor amongst the Americans, and this is something that the Americans are so vulnerable to and are easily tricked with. This will provide the opportunity to Bush and gang to warn the Americans that only Bush and his gang can protect the Americans. But then again, everybody forgets that the Americans have never been so un-protected in their history as they are now and Bush has been a failure in protecting them.

That fear of mine came true, and Bush exploited this situation by saying:" Bin Ladin tape backs my stand". That would be even better for him if a tape similar to this is produced by Ben Laden near the US presidential elections. It would so useful to Bush that he might even pay Ben Laden to produce such tape, well he won't mind doing anything in order to win in the elections again.

Having said all of this, there was one part of Ben Laden's message that with some minor modification would sound absolutely correct:" You are being enslaved by those who have the most money, the most influential ones, and those who have the strongest news media, particularly the Jews (I would replace it with Zionists- Faramin), who are dragging you behind them under the trick of democracy in order to support the Israelis and their schemes and hostility to our religion and at the expense of our blood and land, as well as at the expense of your blood and economy.


October 18, 2003

Why Persian and not Iranian?

I have been meaning for sometime to write a few words about an issue that has been bothering me a lot. Many of Iranians, always feel proud of what was once the center of world civilization, science and culture; the Persian Empire. Well, let me be honest; when I think about that, I feel good too, but what I have to be careful about is to make sure I don't fall into the same arrogance that I am accusing many Americans of being in today. It is not important how powerful Persia used to be, It is not important that Persia used to be a sole superpower of the world when Europe was in dark ages and the US, well, wasn't even born yet. What is important is to recognoze what happened to that superpower and why did it happen? What is important is to examine facts to see whether that Great Empire, lived up to the expectations from an Empire or not. Some suggest it did as the first ever declaration of global Human Rights was issued by a Persian king (Cyrus the Great) after conquering Babylon and freeing Jews from slavery. Also some suggest it didn't and perhaps show some evidence proving their claim. Whatever it was, it doesn't really matter. What are we now? And what happened to us? That's the question. That is the question that if properly answered, it might be a huge help to the Americans to realize things won't always stay the same and unless a better approach to crisis are made, free fall will happen sooner or later. Once, no one would have thought Persian Empire would fall but it fell. Once no one would have thought that Roman Empire would fall but it fell. 50-60 years of being a superpower is like a blink of an eye compare to the length of human history. We see it huge only because we live in it but even the length of each one of our lives is just like a blink of an eye compare to the history.

All above is not, however, my major point in writing this today. What I've been wandering about is that I see many of my compatriots introduce themselves as "Persians" and not Iranians. In a conversation with an Iranian when it is clear that I am an Iranian, I will introduce myself as Persian or from the city I was born in, if asked, but when talking to a non-Iranian, I will call myself "Iranian" or "from Iran" and not "Persian" or "from Persia" although I was born to Persian parents.

Although the word "Persia" might bring back the memories of the glorious past, we have to remember that calling ourselves "Persian" and our country "Persia" is nothing but an insult to other Iranians who are not Persians. The word Iran, with the meaning of "the Land of Aryans", is more comprehensive and includes vast majority of the ethnics who live in Iran.

Today, being introduced as Persian is becoming so common that it even shows itself in the names chosen for many of the blogs run by Iranians. And it is a sad state of lack of self-belief and lack of pride about what we are NOW. Let's be proud of our past, but live in present and act based on what we are or we should be now. Let's start by changing the name of our blogs to more represent our current being and avoid creating divisions amongst ourselves.

My ultimate hope is that one day, I will be able to truly call myself "a citizen of earth" without any particular nationality.


October 17, 2003

Mr. President, You are responsible for Al-Qaeda's growth

A new report issued yesterday by the International Institute for Strategic Studies found that the war in Iraq has helped Al Qaeda increase its size and galvanized the group’s will.

The report concluded in part, “War in Iraq has probably inflamed radical passions among Muslims and thus increased al Qaeda's recruiting power and morale and, at least marginally, its operating capability.”

Let's see what Tariq Ali's take is on this(Tariq Ali is author of "Bush in Babylon: The recolonization of Iraq"). DON'T MISS THIS .

"..And if the American administration had been serious about dealing with 9/11 they would have put first massive pressure on the regime in Israel to pull out of the occupied territories, to withdraw to the 67 Frontiers, which is what the Israeli peace movement demands, which is what the brave Israeli reservists, several hundred of them have said they refuse to serve in the occupied lands anymore. But they didn't do it. Instead, Ariel Sharon became a valued ally in the war against terror. He was given the green light to go into whatever he wanted to do. And instead of ending the sanctions against Iraq, instead of ending the 12-year bombing campaign against Iraq where bombs were dropped on that country every single week, so much so that American military spokesman told the New York Times, “we've run out of targets to bomb. There's nothing left to bomb. This is the country they said posed a threat to the United States of America and its aircraft carrier near the North Sea called Britain."


Although insignificant, It was pleasant

Israeli Family Rescued By Palestinian Refugees. Read here .


Pentagon-funded Newspaper: US Troops Dissatisfied - Then, who wrote those letters of "satisfaction and success"?

A broad survey of U.S. troops in Iraq by a Pentagon-funded newspaper found that half of those questioned described their unit's morale as low and their training as insufficient, and said they do not plan to reenlist.

The survey, conducted by the Stars and Stripes newspaper, also recorded about a third of the respondents complaining that their mission lacks clear definition and characterizing the war in Iraq as of little or no value. Read the Washington Post article .


Deceiving the Americans; partially revealed in just 1.5 minutes

Broadcast: : 10/15/03: (CBS - 60 Minutes II)
Correspondent Scott Pelley has an interview with Greg Thielmann, a former expert on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. Thielmann, a foreign-service officer for 25 years, now says that key evidence in the speech was misrepresented and the public was deceived. Click here to watch.


October 16, 2003

$39.99? No, too expensive even for a "real toy"

No comment:

Thanks to In War We Trust for the idea.


General says "Clash between Judeo-Christian values and Satan"

A top Pentagon General has said the current US war against terrorism is a "clash between Judeo-Christian values and Satan." Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin, the new deputy undersecretary of Defense for intelligence speaks of the US Armed Forces as 'the army of God" and in his clashe against Somali militias is quoted as saying "I knew my God was bigger than his. I knew that my God was a real God and his was an idol." Read here .

Oh, poor Bush with these "brilliant" Generals of his. Look at the similarities between Bush's generals and Bin Laden's deputies in the way they view the world.


American Bashing; If exists, then why does it exist?

Yesterday, in the opinion column of the Toronto Star, there was a long article written by an American residing in Toronto. It was titled: Toronto the Intolerant. Bascically, what the writer claims is that Anti-Americanism is a fact of life in Toronto.

Here are two responses to her letter published today; one from an American: Ask an American: Bashing justified and one from a Canadian: Memo to the U.S.: It's not personal .


Iraq occupiers are warning Syria to end so-called occupation, and of course, no problem with Israeli occupation

Joke of the day:
"...The legislation, the Syria Accountability and Lebanese Sovereignty Act, also calls on Damascus to end its occupation of Lebanon." Read here . Meanwhile, read Israel planes fly low over Lebanon

Occupation of Lebanon! Isn't this funny? No word about the occupation of Palestinian lands by the Israelis and not to mention occupation of Iraq by themselves but... . well, no wander why this act is so funny and stupid in same time: the force behind it is Tom Delay; the Texas Republican, Israeli-at heart but American by birth.

Looks like the US is already in a very slippery slope and is going down by the minute. These stupids should realise that they are just buying hatred for the Americans and any unfortunate price an ordinary American pays for their leaders' stupidity and crimes is because the US leaders are even selling the American interests to satisfy their murderous Zionist masters.


October 15, 2003

No wonder America has so many enemies

President Bill Clinton was impeached by a Republican-controlled Congress for lying about sex. President George W. Bush and aides lied the United States into a stupid, unnecessary colonial war that has so far killed more than 305 Americans and seriously wounded more than 1,400. It has also cost many thousands of Iraqi dead, and $1 billion US weekly.

Lying about sex is an impeachable offence; lying the nation into war apparently is not. Read more (Absolutely worth reading).


US kisses Israel's a.. again

The United States vetoed a UN Security Council resolution late Tuesday that would have condemned Israel for building a barrier that cuts into the West Bank. The draft, introduced by Arab states, declared that the structure was illegal under international law and that construction must be halted. More here

It is true, in every single crime Israel commits against the Palestinian people, there are dirty American hands helping Israel. Shame on you America. This will only buy more hatred towards the United States around the world.

Update: 1:17 PM, October 15, 03
Only six hours after Negropanteh; US envoy to the UN, kissed Israel's a.. and vetoed yet another resolution (see above), a US diplomatic convoy was attacked in Gaza strip that resulted in the death of three Americans. So far, two major Palestinian groups fighting the Israelis, have denied any involvement on this attack.
However this can still be the work of some Palestinian/s who may even be member/s of one of those groups, it can be an attack resulted from the anger that the recent (one of many) US veto has created amongst the Palestinians. Israel is constructing an apartheid wall in the heart of the Palestinian lands that will further restrict Palestinian farmers from accessing their farms to which their lives depend on, and yet, Negropanteh, who has a dirty track record of looking the other way when human rights were being seriously abused in US friendly South American countries, acts to, one more time, please the Israelis and Sharon government. All these policies are just resulting in US being increasingly seen as the reason why Israel dares to commit serious crimes on a daily basis against the Palestinians. If this attack was in fact conducted by a frustrated Palestinian, it is quite understandable although no useful to the Palestinian cause. It is just to say "a frustrated person who sees the Americans as the supporters of Israel can be unpredictable". Let's not forget, Palestinians are not machines; they have emotions and feelings just like us.


October 14, 2003

Many soldiers, same letter - For those who can be fooled easily

Newspapers around U.S. get identical missives from Iraq
I never thought US propaganda officials would be that much desperate that they would to make such huge mistakes in the way they lie.

Remember how many times people, even right here in this blog, referred to letters form US soldiers in Iraq to claim that everything is progressing so well? I wander what they have to say now. Then again, I am sure they will find a way to fool not others but themselves and put their low density heads into sand.

"It reads like a heartfelt letter from the front by a U.S. soldier eager to let folks back home know how well the mission in Iraq is going." Read it here and here.


October 13, 2003

Ali wishes the US pilot to suffer

Iraqi orphan Ali Abbas says he hoped the US pilot who bombed his family would be made to suffer as he had.

Ali said he still had vivid memories of the night of the strike that killed his parents and 13 other relatives. He said: "I keep asking myself: 'Why are they bombing Iraqi people? What have we done to them?. I hoped that the pilot who hit our house would be burned as I am burned and my family were burned."

Can you blame Ali for what he wishes to happen? Read here . Ali will forever be a shame to the dirty US policies.


Execution of Afsaneh Norouzi delayed, for now

One of the Iran's women MPs has said that she and some other MPs have strongly urged the the supreme court to delay the implementation of the verdict to execute Afsaneh Norouzi until the whole issue is revisited.

Apparently the lower court had accepted Afsaneh's defense argument that what she did was in self-defense, however, supreme court has argued that it was not completly a self-defense.

Whatever the hell they say, there is one thing good here: Her execution is delayed now creating the possibility that it will never take place. You never know, may be calls and letters from those of you who took time and wrote to the Iranian officials have had a huge influence on making this new decision. Please, if you haven't done it yet, take time and do it now, until we make sure a fair trial takes place for Afsaneh that might lead to her freedom and re-uniting with her family.


Once again on the Canadian-born Israeli refusenik

Sometime ago, I had this posting about a Canadian-born Israeli who refused to take part in the terrorist activities of Sharon government. Once again I read what he said as why he was opposing this actions. I thought it is valuable enough to repeat some of what he said:

"How is it possible that a young woman (a young Palestinian law clerk from Jenin, whose own brother and cousin were killed in earlier Israeli operations - Faramin) can carry out such an awful suicide bombing?" Goldenblatt wrote.

"The only possible answer is that she was driven by an utter lack of hope, that the result of 36 years of occupation is this utter lack of hope for a better life, freedom, self-respect and in short, all of the things that all of us hope for and expect.

"We have turned the lives of women and children into hell, but we are shocked, enraged and demand retribution when the people who are the products of our occupation take action against us."

Goldenblatt is obviously a courageous Israeli who prefers to be a responsible human rather than a criminal.


1200 homeless after Gaza raid: UN officials

Not a big deal. It's ok, after all they are not our families and our children. What is important is that Sharon is fighting "terrorism".

This is how we would think if our brain was washed by the crap of "fighting terrorism" and if we obviously had no clue how it feels to be homeless.


October 12, 2003

Admitting he is a terrorist?

"I'm still in a war mode and the war is terrorism"
President Bush (Read here)

May be it's my English, but What does he mean? Is he admitting and does he mean that "He is in a terrorist mode?"

Quite frankly, when he speaks English, I suddenly feel so good about my English.


I received a comment from "Asper's Cousin"

I just noticed a comment was left on my post titled Media is complaining against media and I thought to share it with you. Hey, you never know, some might even enjoy it. Here is the exact text:

"I am Mr. Asper's JEWISH Cousin from America. I think that you Sir or Madame should look into the facts about how Muslims work. It is a well known fact that Palestinians love to put their weapons buildings and militants near their poor children!! We in the "Real" World all know how biased and racist the media is against Jews in general. It is also a known fact that in Islam, it is considered a blessing for a young Muslim man to kill himself so that he can have 40 virgins in heaven. In today's world if a man can find one it's a blessing. I suggest that the next time you take your Nazi views back to where you came from. Hell. One more thing, remember that when you are knealing down bowing to Jesus Christ, you know that you are KISSING a JEWS ASS.
ASPER's Cousin"


October 10, 2003

Enron E-Mails Show Arnold Met With Ken Lay During Energy Crisis

Attention "Proud Californians":
"...The meeting with Enron occurred ten days after rolling blackouts darkened California for two consecutive days; Schwarzenegger has previously said that he does not remember such a meeting.

"You don't meet with America's most well-known corporate crook in the middle of California's biggest financial disaster and not remember," said FTCR's senior consumer advocate Douglas Heller. " Read more .


"US-friendly" Iraqi shias calling US terrorist

Up to 10,000 Iraqi Shias have taken to the streets of a Baghdad suburb to denounce the US for "terrorism".

"America claims to be the pioneer of freedom and democracy, but it resembles or indeed is a terror organisation," Sheikh Abdel Hadi al-Daraji told those gathered. More here .


Seven (including two children) killed in Gaza camp raid

Look at this "terrorist" woman. She is so "terrorist".
Imagine your mother in that condition, what would you do?

"Seven Palestinians have been killed in a fierce gun battle which broke out after dozens of Israeli tanks, backed by helicopter gunships, raided a Gaza Strip refugee camp." Read more .

In case FOX hasn't let you know. After all, these are Palestinian children, not Israelis.
In fact, whoever is so animal to support Israel with any excuse, is also taking part in killing of the Palestinians. History will not forget what is happening to the Palestinian nation by those victims-turned-victimizers.


I found this Website interesting. That belongs to a Jewish organization opposing Israeli policies and the occupation of Palestinian lands.

It also touches the Issue of California elections and Why Arnold Won .


Former Canadian Foreign Affairs minister: U.S. security measures threaten our rights

Refferring to Mahar Arar's case, Lloyd Axworthy said:" "The case is the tip of the iceberg,".

Axworthy said that the incident highlights the threat that the U.S. Homeland Security Agency, the Patriot Act and border protection measures represent to Canadian citizens and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

"We've developed a culture of rights in Canada," he said. "Are we going to let these erode because of hard rocks in Washington?" Read here .

Well, there is a culture of rights in the US as well, rights of the rich people as well as those who are "good kids" and obey their rich and criminal leaders. A simple travel to Cuba is banned to the Americans, and the president threatens to crack down on those who travel to Cuba. People will be punished if they do travel because Bush doesn't want them too, Read here . Well, we can start calling him Saddam Bush: both criminals, both dictators, both cared for the rich. Well, at least Saddam could speak his language properly.


Impeach Bush now

Unmasking a CIA agent is bad, lying to Congress worse. With each U.S. death in Iraq, the case against the President grows stronger, says JOHN MacARTHUR. Read here .


October 09, 2003

UK must stand up to the warmongers

TONY BLAIR wants to be a world leader, a statesman. Fine. Right now would be a good time to start.
Instead of whispering from the sidelines, let the UK Government’s voice be heard loud and clear in Washington and Tel Aviv.
Let Tony Blair properly represent decent and common-sense opinion here and across the world by telling his buddy in arms, George Bush, to stop supporting Israel’s policies against its Arab neighbours.
"Israel has the right to defend itself," George Bush said in response to a question about the unprovoked attack by Israeli bomber aircraft on a Palestinian camp ten miles from Damascus.
But the American President was being wicked and devious, not stupid. He’s no intellectual giant, or military strategist, but he’s well aware of the international law and UN rules governing appropriate response when a country’s security is attacked or undermined. A British view: interesting to read.

And This is how the US responded to recent Israeli attack on Syria: The House International Relations Committee voted 33 to 2 yesterday to impose sanctions against Syria. Israeli Looby, running day to day policies of the US; Poor naive Americans. A must listen to


Israel jails Canadian-born for not willing to be part of oppression

Canadian-born Israeli reserve medic won't serve in West Bank, Gaza "We simply have to break the circle of violence": he says.

Dan Goldenblatt, 33, a Montreal native, declined the order to deploy to the territories Tuesday morning after returning from a funeral for a friend killed in last weekend's Palestinian suicide bombing in the Israeli port city of Haifa, in which 19 civilians died.

Officers at the Israeli Defence Forces base at Yokneam immediately tried Goldenblatt, a paratrooper battle medic, sentencing him to 28 days. "Until today, I have never refused to obey an order. I always came when called, with my army boots, hat and uniform......For reasons of conscience, I refuse to take part in acts of occupation. I refuse to give any Palestinian even the slightest additional reason to participate in terrorist acts, to hate my country. I refuse to participate in the policy of revolving and stupid revenge of the current government of Israel, which believes in power and lacks initiative or hope," Goldenblatt said.

"And I refuse to guard the poisonous and extremely costly settlements, which are the foundation of the policy of oppression and occupation. Read more .


Damn you hyenas

"Avant said that as many as 1 in 10 Americans deployed in Iraq and Kuwait -- perhaps 20,000 -- are contractors, a group larger than any of the military forces fielded there by Britain or other U.S. allies. Kellogg, Brown & Root, a subsidiary of Vice President Cheney's former firm, Houston-based Halliburton Corp., has an exclusive contract to rebuild Iraq's oil infrastructure. San Francisco-based Bechtel Corp. is the prime contractor for much of the infrastructure reconstruction." Read
here. Also read Iraq and Corporate Patriotism .


US-Installed Puppet Council is not even allowed to communicate with out side its cage

"A rift is growing between Iraq's interim government and the United States-led coalition over the deployment of Turkish troops to Iraq.

Meetings with US overseer, Paul Bremer, and the Turkish ambassador to Iraq have not resulted in any compromise, with the Americans even preventing the release of a council statement denouncing the Turkish deployment." Read more .

I wouldn't call it a "rift" though. This can also be an attempt to make that puppet council look independent from the Americans and as a result buy them some public support and integrity. On the other hand, this shows that even officially and on the surface they have no power. After all, they are not even allowed to release a simple statement without the permission form their American masters.

Meanwhile, Turkish public does not want their soldiers die for the US. Read Protests rock Turkey over Iraq troop decision .


October 08, 2003

Former Quebec premier "regrets" why he didn't do body-building

Today, Bernard Landri; former premier (equivalent to governor in the US) of Quebec expressed "regret" for educating in Law school as well as studying economics for years. He said, he should have worked on body-building instead (of course with a meaningful smile on his face).


Rumsfeld 'not told' of postwar shake-up

"Donald Rumsfeld, US defence secretary, said on Tuesday he had not been told by President George W. Bush or the National Security Council that the White House was to restructure the handling of postwar Iraq before the media were briefed on the plan by NSC officials."

Looks like this clown only knows how to kill and destroy. Read more .





California: Muscle wins

32 million people, 5th largest world economy, another dumb political leader.
Thinking has stopped in California.


October 07, 2003

The media giant is dead

Israel Asper, the giant of lies and deceptions is dead.

He was the owner of Canwest Global chain that includes many Canadian Newspapers and TV channels.

Today it was a good opportunity for those who were supported by him one way or another to come up with lies about him. Mayor of the city of Winnipeg in Canada, praised him big time, calling him a great supporter and promoter of human rights. He also called Asper and his family members very generous people. As an example, Mayor also said that when he needed money for his mayoral campaign, he unexpectedly received a check donated by Mr. Asper.

Of course, he must be praising him and that is perhaps why he is kissing the Aspers' asses, other wise, The Aspers are practically promoters of human rights abuse and are so much biased in favour of Israel and its abuse of Palestinian human rights, that they wouldn't even let the editor of The National Post, an ultra-right wing newspaper in Canada which is owned by the Aspers, criticize Israel what so ever. Yes, Mr. Asper's love for democracy and human rights was unlimited, but only for Israel and against the Palestinians. Mr. Asper, who was also Jewish, has done all within his power to not let the truth known to the people about the atrocities of Israelis against the Palestinians.

Although I will never enjoy the news of anybody's death, I will save my tears for those Palestinian children who are suffering in the hands of those whom Asper family have always unjustfully supported; the criminal Israeli government.

I also recently wrote about Asper family under the title of "Media is complaining against media .


Canadian soldier sergeant Rob Short

Tonight I watched some video images on CBC news about one of the two Canadian soldiers (sergeant Rob Short) who were killed by land mine in Afghanistan.

It was taken two days before he died and the video showed him in some remote location in Afghanistan along with some afghan villagers. There was one thing quite clear and that was how down-to-earth and polite this soldier was. And how gentle he was when he was speaking to those Afghans.

The difference between him as a Canadian soldier and typical American soldiers was quite obvious to me. But I wasn't surprised at all, after all, Canadian soldiers are trained to be peacemakers and peacekeepers unlike their American counterparts who are trained to be ... well, you fill in the blank.


October 06, 2003

Israel's raid on Syria and US position: Usual biase or simple stupidity? or both?

"Let's not forget that a suicide bombing took place in Haifa ... It just is incredible to me that a draft resolution ... would have no reference whatever to this dastardly act"
John Negroponte,
US ambassador to the UN

Is this a preparation for a veto on a resolution condemning Israel, or the guy is just simple stupid?


Bush backs Israeli attack

Courtesy Al-Jazeera


Syria and the US are both responsible for his and his family's sufferings.

Maher Arar, a Syrian Canadian engineer came back to Canada today after spending over a year in a Syrian jail. There is serious allegations by the Amnesty International that he was tortured while in Syria. Upon arrival today, Arar was too tired to confirm or reject this during a short press conference in Montreal Airport.

Arar was first detained by U.S. authorities in September 2002 while he was changing planes in New York. He was travelling from Tunisia to Canada. He was alleged by the American officials to have links with Al-Qaeda and was deported from the US, not to Canada but to Syria where his one year ordeal began. Read more .

It is not surprising that during over one year in a Syrian jail, his wife and his two kids went through so much difficulty and perhaps this can have a permanent negative effect on his children. American officials have not commented on this issue recently. The latest was that they claimed Arara's name was in an Al-Qaeda list. That's it. If this was true and the US officials believed there was a link, why was he not detained in the US until making sure about his identity? Is it believable that the US considered somebody linked to Al-Qaeda and let him go out of its hands?

All of what happened to him and his family due to the uncertainty and separation, as well as the alleged torture issue, are resulted from the guilt of two entities, Syrian and American governments. Any moment of torture on him was in fact shared by both governments who are racing in human rights abuse.


October 05, 2003

Viva George Bush: I am pretending that I am a rich American

"68% of the total tax cuts in the US are granted to 1% of the population."

I heard this on TV today and I wasn't really surprised. Unfortunately, I missed it when it was being said what the source was.

Wow, what a beautiful democracy, for the rich, that is.


Blair 'not welcome' at war service

The families of British soldiers killed in Iraq have fiercely criticised Tony Blair's decision to attend a remembrance service for Britain's war dead.

"Mr Green (fathjer of one of British soldiers killed in the war - Faramin) admitted he felt highly emotional about Mr Blair's presence at the service. "I think he's a war criminal, it's as simple as that. The man, without any consideration to the Labour parliamentary party, elected to go to war with this scabby little friend in Texas [President Bush], and killed 51 of our men unnecessarily," he said. "If I have a chance to meet him on Friday, I will tell him to his face." Read more here .
Is this also going to happen to George Bush and his criminal gang as well?


When rules are broken by one, then everybody may want to break it again

Remember it was being said many times that the notion of pre-emptive strike was a dangerous notion that could lead to more instability in the world? Well, now Russian Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov has said his country does not rule out a pre-emptive military strike anywhere in the world if the national interest demands it.

Perhaps this is another reason why the US is the biggest threat to the security of the world after its own pre-emptive strike against Iraq. It was warned many times that this action could create similar actions by other countries and would result in chaos in the world.


Will they tell you that two of her family members were killed by Israelis?

While I was driving today, my car radio was on 680 News (a right wing Toronto Radio News Station) that constantly updates/repeats the news.
"A female suicide bomber blew herself up killing at least 19 people in a restaurant in the Northern Israeli city of Haifa": This was the news which was repeated many times.
but only once, only once, it was mentioned that two of the bomber's family members were already killed by Israelis and it is said that she was taking the revenge of their deaths.

You may not hear this in the news, especially in the US as the media there is accustomed to tell you only those parts of the news that suits them.


Arnold; just another "brain dead"?

Today, I heard a little bit of Arnold's speech on radio. He was asking people:" ...I need your help, I need your help, Whether you are Republican, Democrat or Independent, it doesn't matter, I need your help. Whether you have voted before or not, it doesn't matter, I need your help".

Huh...? What is he talking about? Looks like nothing matters to this guy, he just needs peoples' help. He is asking democrats to help him; a republican, become the Governor. Based on what principle people should help him, is a mystery, or is it because he is Arnold?

I think even only this speech of his (on top of many other reasons) is a good reason not to vote for him. I don't think he enjoys a sound and healthy mind. Yes, he might need help, but it's mental help that he really needs before anything else.

I hope I am wrong but, you know what, he will be elected governor of California. Well, he is "Arnold" and that is enough for many Americans in the land of Hollywood. After all, one doesn't need to have a properly-working-mind to achieve positions such as this in the US. Example? George Bush achieved even higher position.


October 04, 2003

Afsaneh Nouroozi - Update

According to the latest news from Iran, the decision to hang Afsaneh Nouroozi has been submitted to the officials in Bandar-e-Abbas prison, where she is being held, for execution. Click here (Sorry link is in Farsi) for the latest as well as her doughter's appeal to the officials. It is going to be too late if we do not act on this now. Please write to Iranian officials as instructed by the Amnesty International. Click here for the link to my previous post providing Amnesty International's instruction.

Also, please sign this petition to stop her execuation.

Remember this is the least you can do. A few minutes of your time, might result in saving a life. Please do it right now.


Introducing a book

Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering: The Holocaust Industry by Norman G. Finkelstein.


Chemical Ali or Chemical Colin? And How the US officials exploited Halabja for their agendas

Listen to (or read) what a former CIA analyst says about killing of "the Prevention of Genocide Act" by Colin Powell and a bipartisan action of both US major parties after the gassing of Iraqi kurds in Halabja. He believes Chemical Ali and Chemical Colin should both be put on trial for crimes against the humanity. A must listen to or read .

How often an event (gassing of Halabja) that happened 15 years ago, was mentioned in the following years by the US officials in their speeches and by the journalists. Here it is:
1988 (The year when it happened): 188 times in news stories
1989: 20 times
90 (When Iraq invaded Kuwait): 29 times
Between invasion : August 1990 and Desert storm operation in Feb 1991: 39 times
One decade after: Average of 16 times a year
During 2000 elections: 10 times
After September 2002: 57 times in one month of Feb. 2003 and 145 times in one month of March 2003 (When memories had faded and it was safe to mention that Saddam gassed the Kurds).


October 03, 2003

European support for US threats against Tehran will lead to disaster

"Many British and American critics of the last war take comfort in the view that the mess the United States and Britain have got into in post-war Iraq has the benefit that Bush and Blair will not repeat their adventure. Do not be fooled. That, increasingly, looks complacent."

"..Much of the pressure is coming from the Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon, and the same neo-conservative friends of his in Washington who drove the war on Iraq..."

"Few would deny that global nuclear proliferation is a serious danger. But as Ken Coates of the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation points out in a new pamphlet, the Bush administration's talk of "counter-proliferation" is diametrically opposed to the old language of non-proliferation. The original idea was that all nuclear-weapons states would move towards disarmamament, a pledge that the US, Britain and the other three declared bomb-owners made in 1995. Now we have a kind of class distinction. The US continues to develop new forms of nuclear weapons. US-friendly states that refused to sign the non-proliferation treaty (NPT) but have nuclear weapons - like India, Israel and Pakistan - are treated with kid gloves. An NPT-signer such as Iran, against whom Washington bears ancient grudges, is threatened with punishment, and possible force. " Read more here.

The threat is more serious than one might think. This administration needs to be re-elected and in order to achieve that, it won't hesitate committing any crime. It can easily attempt to one more time deceive the "un-informed" and "kept-in-the-dark" US public whose price of ignorance and in many cases arrogance is paid by other people of the world. This administration along with its British partner, is a dangerous crazy devil who is equiped with the most devastating "Weapons of Mass Destruction". It is the biggest threat to the security of the world. The US needs a regime change if it wants to preserve what is left from its tarnished credibility.

On the other hand, this administration has caused many Iranians who hate the Tehran regime, now focus and worry about possible US attack on their country. This provides more than a pleasure for the regime of Tehran and it gives more reason and excuse to crack down on peoples' democratic movements and demands.


Sharon's commitment to Peace: New Settlements

Israel has decided to build 600 new homes in 3 West Bank Settlements so more weeds can grow on Palestinian lands. Meanwhile, Yossi Beilin, a former Israeli minister who was one of the chief architects of the Oslo peace accords, said: "Settlement activity is ideologically motivated in order to prevent a two state settlement," he told AFP.

Is it not easy to feel the sense of frustration by the Palestinians? Could you honestly blame the Palestinians for their struggle and uprising against the Israelis? Is it not easy to understand why Palestinians hate the settlers so much? Yes, hate is a "bad" word, but have you ever tried to put yourself in the position the Palestinians are in? Would you not hate the unjust occupier of your home who are backed by the powerful entities?


Media is complaining against media

Leonard Asper; the head of one of Canada's largest media empires accuses media of anti-Israel reporting. Well this guy IS the media, sort of.

Asper who is the Jewish president and CEO of CanWest Global Communications, even OFFICIALLY does not allow the editors (of many Canadian newspapers such as National Post and TV stations such as Global TV, which are owned by him) critisize Israel what so ever. Yet he dares to complain about the media being anti-Israeli. I think nothing is enough for these media Giants. He has recently said journalists who are lazy or Marxist are distorting the conflict in the Middle East to make Israel appear the villain. Read here .

Thanks to Hooman for providing this link to the story. It is a response by Neil McDonalds; perhaps one of the most ethical Canadian journalists, to Aspers' accusations.


October 02, 2003

A quick look at Ontario election results

Tonight Ontario elected a new premier after the Liberal Party defeated the governing Conservative Party. The Liberal Party is now going to form a majority government.

From 103 Ontario parliament seats available, 72 went to the Liberals, 24 to the Conservatives and 7 to the New Democratic Party (NDP).

The percentage of the popular votes for the candidates of these three parties was: 46% Liberal, 35% Conservatives, 15% the NDP, 3% Green party and the rest went to other smaller parties and independent candidates.

In short, it can be said that 46% of Ontarians who voted Liberals will have about 70% representation in the provincial parliament (72 MPPs or "Members of Provincial Parliament" elected), 35% of Ontarians who voted Conservatives, will be represented by 23% of the elected MPPs (24 MPPs elected), 15% of Ontarians will be represented by under 7% (7 MPPs) of the total MPPs while other 4% will not have any representation in the provincial parliament.

Even worse than this happened a few days ago in the elections of the province of Prince Edward Island (PEI), where 54% of the vote generated 85% of the seats in the parliament for the Conservatives, 43% of the vote resulted in only 15% of the seats for the Liberals and 3% of the NDP voters left with no representative in the parliament.

There are many factors why some parties succeed in the elections that include the amount of media coverage that they receive and how they receive it, as well as money factor donated by the big businesses and other factors involved that are not being discussed here. In my opinion, the victim of all these factors are the NDP and other left leaning parties, however whatever the factors are and why they are there, one thing is for sure; this system is not truly democratic and many people are left out without proper representation in the parliament.

I just learned that voter turn out in this election was only 52%. Although I myself did vote, perhaps this low turn out would mean fewer people have confidence in so-called democracy that is bragged about all the time.


Tehran, Earthquake, Milad Tower

Tehran; Iran's capital is in such a perilous location it should be moved, a leading Iranian earthquake expert told Reuters on Wednesday. According to the same report the possibility of Tehran being hit by an earthquake with the magnitude of 7.8 degrees on the Richter Scale is quite considerable. The human tragedy resulted from this occurrence is even unimaginable.

Meanwhile, the forth tallest world structure; 435 meter "Milad Tower" (Above pictures) is being completed in Tehran. Although this structure is one of the most sophisticated structures on earth, it is only designed to withstand an earthquake with the magnitude of 7.5 degrees on the Richter Scale. Collapse of a giant structure such as "Milad Tower" adds to the already scary situation.

It is understood that an increase by 0.3 degree in the designed capacity of an structure to withstand earthquake from say 7.5 to 7.8 degrees on the Richter Scale requires a completely different approach than the increasing the capacity from 5.5 to 5.8 degrees. On the other words, increasing from 5.5 to 5.8 is a piece of cake compare to 7.5 to 7.8 degrees although they are both increased by the same amount. Having said this, the question is why this structure is being built at all if it is not designed to withstand the magnitude of the possible earthquake?

Is this perhaps another example of the mis-management in Iran? Or is this another disregard of the human lives?

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