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October 30, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11, the Movie

Watch Fahrenheit 9/11, on line. Click here.


Here we go again!

58,000 of postal ballots have gone missing in the state of Florida. 58,000 can change the result of the election in Florida. And the result of the elections in the Florida can determine the result of a nationwide election, as it was the case in 2000. It might not really be you, the American public, who decides who the president should be. It is those who hold these ballots. "Beautiful" democracy!


October 28, 2004

Just remember

Try to remember as earliest memories of your life that you can remember; from the time when you were a little child. Remember your laughs, yours joys, your cries. Remember playing with your friends. Remember when you were afraid of being punished by dad or mom for somethging that you shouldn't have done. Remember your fights with your brother or your sister for silly things. Remeber when you missed your dad or mom when he/she was a way. Remember the joys when seeing them back. Remember your worryings. Remember your hopes. Try to remember as much as you can. Then remember your teenage years and all the related events associated with that period of your life. Remember the first time you felt you were in love. Then remember when you were a young man or a young woman. Remember many good and bad memories. Remember all your struggles, your hopes and your dreams. Remember all the events that you can think of. Remember.... .

Yes, you are only one person but in you, there is a world with all its ups and downs, goods and bads. Better yet, you are a world by yourself.

After redrawing a picture of you and your history as a person, you can then easily realize what the Iraq war has done. A study by the American public health experts posted on The Lancet medical journal's website Thursday estimates that nearly 100,000 more Iraqis have died during the American-led occupation than would have died otherwise.

The rise in the death rate was mainly due to violence and much of it was caused by U.S. air strikes on towns and cities.

Yes, Iraq war has killed 100,000 "worlds". Just think about it. Please!


October 26, 2004

"Rebirth" of Khomeini in Iraq

According to a US-financed poll by the International Republican Institute, the most popular politician in today's Iraq is Abdel Aziz Hakim, leader of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq. This is a group that is backed by Iran and in Abdel Aziz Hakim, you can see a potential Khomeinie. Now the "success" of the Bush administration and its idiotic, not to mention criminal, policies around the world in general and in Iraq in particular is shown in generating the conditions in which an Iranian-backed mullah becomes the most popular politician in Iraq.

Nothing could have served the Islamic fundamentalism more than the policies of the current US administration and its christian fundamentalist elements inside and outside the administration. Additionally, this administration is a perfect example of the alliance between Christian fundamentalism and coroprate America.


October 24, 2004

Bush has made the world less safe: Jimmy Carter

The Guiardian has an interview with the former US president, Jimmy Carter in which Carter accuses George Bush of "exploiting the suffering of September 11 and turning back decades of efforts to make the world a safer place". Carter also accuses the American media organisations as being cowed, because they just didn't want to be seen as unpatriotic. Carter correctly believes that there hasn't been many (if any) major medium in the United States that has been objective and fair and balanced, and critical when criticism was deserved.

Read about the interview here.


October 23, 2004

Double standards in reporting

courtesy of the Jewish site,gush-shalom


October 20, 2004

Listen to Kamancheh

A traditional Persian instrument.

Thanks to Asemoon.


October 18, 2004

The world according to Bush - and Update

The world according to Bush is a documentary aired on Canadian CBC News World on October 17th. This incredible documentary reveals many facts about the current inner circle of the US administration, who are practically agents of Israel and/or representatives of the US oil and military hardware industries. The documentary reveals the close relationships betweenGeorge Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush and the Nazis as well as the ever close relationships of the George Bush Sr. and George W. Bush with Saudis in general and Bin Laden family in particular.

There are so many issues which are interesting and perhaps surprising to some which cannot be all mentioned in this short essay about the documentary, however, it can be said that:
...Much of The World According to Bush takes the form of one-on-one interviews and includes Bush's speech writer David Frum; former weapons inspectors Hans Blix and David Kay; presidential adviser Richard Perle; Secretary of State Colin Powell; former CIA director James Woolsey; and former UN secretary-general Javier Perez de Cuellar...
All I can say is that the documentary reveals how dangerous the runners of Washington are to the world security. Most of the interviews in the documentary are with Americans officials, journalists and writers in which a balance of view points have been presented.

Unfortunately, I don't currently have access to the video clip of this documentary; however, if and when I do find the clip, I will provide them to the readers of my blog. For now, all I can say is "don't miss the documentary" if it becomes available to you. It is well worth watching.

Here is the video of the documentary, "The world according to Bush". Don't miss it.


October 17, 2004

Torture, a barbaric act of crime

Turture, physical and/or mental, is barabric no matter who commits them. It is not justified with any name and any excuse to torture a human being and it should be condemned all together.

Some governments are known for regularly using torture as a tool to push their agendas and/or to deal with what they consider to be their enemies. Most of such countries don't even bother claiming that they are for democracy, for freedom and against human rights abuses. However, there are countries and governments who use torture and the idea of torture for the same puposes in addition to making bloody profits, but these countries do not publically condone torture. In fact, they might even try to show themselves as the biggest supporter/s of human rights. Obviously, such governments are full of hypocracy. But does it really matter what they say in the public? The United States government, is one of the main producers of torture by either direct means such as torturing detainees in Guantanamo Bay who, even after about three years, have not been charged for anything, or by indirect means such as supporting the undemocratic regimes around the world and exporting torturing devices to such countries. In fact, production and export of torturing devices to the world, is a huge money-making industry in the United States.

Recently, many of the AMERICAN officials who have worked in Guantanamo Bay, have come up with their own stories of how the detainees have been treated in Guantanamo Bay by the US prison officials. It is interesting that these stories are told, not by non-Americans, but by those AMERICANS who have obviously been already aproved to "serve" in Guantanamo Bay under the direction of the US policies and officials. Read the related Toronto Star story here.


70,000 deaths in Darfur

While the world just talked of "we have to do this and that", 70,000 people, just like you and me, died in Darfur with mostly slow and painful deaths of deseas and starvation.

We never learned from the Rwanda experience.


October 16, 2004

The Guardian's interesting initiative

The Guardian has initiated an interesting move by asking each one of its non-Americans readers to send an email to one (and only one) voter in Clark County in Ohio to explain how US policies effect each non-American personally, and the rest of the world more generally. It is asking its readers to tell the voter who they hope Ohions will choose for the White House.

...It works like this. By typing your email address into the box on this page, you will receive the name and address of a voter in Clark County, Ohio. You may not have heard of it, but it's one of the most marginal areas in one of the most marginal states: at the last election, just 324 votes separated Democrats from Republicans. It's a place where a change of mind among
just a few voters could make a real difference.

Writing to a Clark County voter is a chance to explain how US policies effect you personally, and the rest of the world more generally, and who you hope they will send to the White House. It may even persuade someone to use their vote at all....

It was laughable to me when I read that one of the rightwing blogers who sometimes calls himself a liberal, called The Guardian "The Interfering Guardian". It was laughable because the same bloger has been and still is one of the biggest supporters of invasion (ultimate interference in issues) of Iraq, yet, he criticizes the Guardian for interfering (ONLY) for urging its readers to write to the American voters and tell them about how the US policies effect other people of the world.

I think the rightwingers are desperate and feel threatened from the communication between Americans and non-Americans. This communiaction can provide the oportunity for many Americans to see the reality of the world, something that the US media has constantly denied them from seeing. I also think the Guardian initiative is very interesting and given the critical importance of Ohio votes in the US presidential elections, this initiative should be more publicized. So, please spread the word.


October 14, 2004

Once again, the Israeli tail is wagging the American dog

In a U.S. election campaign that is more about foreign policy than any presidential race in decades, one issue is completely off-limits: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.. . Read more here.


October 13, 2004

Third debate: Kerry Vs. Bush

This doesn't mean that I am a fan of Kerry or anything, but I have to say that obviously Kerry crushed Bush tonight even more than he did during last two debates. Perhaps because Bush wasn't wired tonight and had to be completely himself. That was exactly why he looked more than ever like a clown. Bush was obviously nervous from the beginning. He really acted and looked stupid. After all, he was "himself" tonight.

But I have to give credit to Bush on something: During each one of the last two debates, Bush numerous times said that his war on terror was working. He said many times that 75% of Al-Qaeda had been dismantled. Tonight he changed it and he didn't repeat the same nonsense again. He showed that he has "matured". Instead of saying 75%, this time he said "three quarters" of Al-Qaeda had been dismantled. With a man with the talent of George Bush, this should be considered as a great achievement. Don't you think so?


October 12, 2004

Is US doing what Saddam did? "hiding things from the UN"

I find this quite interesting: Saddam was rightly accused of not letting UN nuclear inspectors move about Iraq freely. Well, the same thing is happening in Iraq today and the US is not letting them move about Iraq freely.

...Iraq's US-backed leaders have not reported to the UN on the state of nuclear plants despite a duty to do so.. .
...Inspectors from Mr ElBaradei's International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), who established that Saddam Hussein had abandoned any nuclear weapons programme before the war, have not been allowed to move about Iraq freely by the US ... .
...In a letter to the UN Security Council, Mr ElBaradei said buildings related to Iraq's previous nuclear programme appeared to have been systematically dismantled and equipment and material removed.... .
..."The disappearance of such equipment and materials may be of proliferation significance," the IAEA director general warned.... .
...Mr ElBaradei reminded the Security Council that Iraq was still obliged to "declare semi-annually changes that have occurred or are foreseen at sites deemed relevant" by the IAEA.
However, since March 2003 "the agency has received no such notifications or declarations from any state", he said...

It seems like the Americans occupiers and their puppets in Baghdad are doing the same thing that was one of the main"stated" reasons for invasion of Iraq.


October 11, 2004

Iraq in brief!

In an email to a friend from Iraq, Wall Street Journal correspondent Farnaz Fassihi, provides a clear pictrure of the situation in Iraq today. That can be compared to Bush Administration's cliams that situation in Iraq is improving. Either Fassihi is lying, or this is another reason why the term "masters of deception" is just right to describe the rulers of Washington.
This unedited e-mail below, sent privately to friends by Wall Street Journal correspondent Farnaz Fassihi, was posted on, a site run by the Poynter Institute journalism school.
In an Oct. 4 note to Editor & Publisher magazine, Fassihi said she never meant the e-mail to become public...... .
I came across the text of the email via Toronto Star and I encourage you to read it so to have a clear picture of what is really happening in Iraq today.


October 09, 2004

Let's wish for a better world

Ken Bigley, the British hostage who was held by his captors in Iraq, has been executed. This is one tragedy out of thousands of heard and unheard tragedies occuring in Iraq on a daily basis. I was hoping to hear better news about Mr. Ken Bigley. I was hoping for his unharmed release. I was hoping for a day when he could rejoin his family. I was hoping .... . But now, we all know that it is not going to happen; just like the fact that many other victims of Iraq war will never rejoin their loved ones.

With whatever political view that you might have, please join me in giving our condolences to Mr. Biegly's family, especially to his 86 year old mother who like many other mothers who have lost their loved ones, is now in state of shock. Please join me to demand peace; a fair and humane peace in which the true rights of individuals and nations are respected. Join me in wishing for a fair end to violence and for the time when no more life is perished. Join me in ... .

There is nothing wrong in wishing for humane relations between human beings, even if it seems far away from the reality, for now.


October 07, 2004

Winston Churchill: god-father of Israel

In the comments section of this post, there has been some interesting and fairly courteous exchange of opinions. Much of these discussions have been around the issue of Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Additionally, the very existence of the state of Israel and how it was born has been discussed. There are claims in the discussions, that Israel made good offers to the Palestinians in 1948 and years after that in 2000-2001. Occupying a land, kicking out its people, and when facing resistance from those people, offering back a small portion of what was stolen from them, is claimed by some to be a fair offer. How good and fair those offers were, can be the subject for another discussion but that would be interesting to know what the history behind this whole creation of Israel is.

Although already known by many people around the world, the recently released UK archives officially revealed who was historically behind the whole affair of creation of Israel:
A top-secret Colonial Office file from 1943 shows that Mr Churchill favoured a plan to try to bribe King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud, with £20m and the leadership of a new Arab confederation, in exchange for the Saudi monarch's help in handing over Palestine to the Jews... .
Yes, it was Winston Churchill who helped create state of Israel with cost of destroying or devastating, one way or another, the lives of so many millions of Palestinians. I am not even touching the fact that he helped creating a country to at least partially serve future agendas of the Great Britain. I only question and wonder if Churchill really had so much love for the Jews that he was looking for a home for them, why did he not offer a piece of England to them, so they could have their own country and live side by side of the "god-father" Winston!

It is always easier to spend from other peoples' pockets than own. Isn't it?


October 05, 2004

Kissing Israel's ass, common objective of Cheney and Edwards

Cheney has nothing new. He is an established and experienced criminal with a bloody and full of $ resume.


Did you hear how Edwards kissed the ass of Israeli lobby in the US, perhaps to secure the Jewish vote? Did you hear him speak of 6 Israeli children who were killed by a suicide bomber when Edwards was visiting Israel about three years ago? Did you hear his passionate piece of speech while shedding tears for those children? Since then, Israel has killed far greater number of Palestinian children. But Edwards did not even mention a word about the murdered Palestinian children. Not even one word of sympathy for their deaths and sufferings. Are those children not children as well? Right today, Israel killed Palestinian children. Senator Edwards memory can go back to three years ago, but it is suddenly paralyzed and unable to "remember" what is happening right today. Does he really not remember the other side of the stories?

It seems that there is a constant race of "who can kiss more Israeli ass" between Republicans and Democrats. Each one claim they are better in doing that. Mr. Edward certainly did it tonight.

How long this disgusting inhumane double standard has to continue? How long this one-sided reflection of the suffering of people in the middle east has to continue until Americans realize that the Democrats are as much controlled by the Israeli lobby groups as are the Republicans. With policies such as these, the United States is being further hated by the people of the world who can clearly see what Israel is doing against the Palestinians and in doing so, relying on the unconditional backing of the United States.

The hatred that the US leaders (Republican or Democrat) are attracting towards America, is by large as a result of the unconditional support of the Israeli crimes. The support that will not be approved by many ordinary Americans if the main stream media in the United States stops its constant manipulations and propaganda which are orchestrated by the Israeli lobby groups in the United States. Americans will spit on the faces of their leaders if they really realize what is happening in their names around the world and how they are viewed by the world people, because of the policies of their leaders.


October 04, 2004

Another copy/paste for those who "love" my copy/pastes

It was that time of year again, when the president goes for his checkup. The presidential medical team did a battery of tests. The president's heart was in good shape. His cholesterol count was within an acceptable range. Blood pressure was A-okay. No trouble on the prostate front.
All that remained was a trip to the White House optometrist.
"Good day, Mr. President," the optometrist said.
"Hey, Four Eyes," said the president, who has a nickname for everyone.
"Have a seat here," said the doctor. "I'm going to project some things on the wall and I just want you to read them for me."
"Okey doke," said the president.
"Now, we don't usually start with the top line, that's a bit too easy, but why don't you read me those letters on the third row."
"Okay," said the president. "Let's see. That's A, E, Y, P, Q, R."
The doctor frowned. The letters displayed on the wall were O, D, A, N, P, U.
"Uh, I said the third row, Mr. President. You want to just try those again?"
"Sure, A, E, Y, P, Q, R."
The optometrist decided to go to a row where the letters were larger. "Why don't you go up one, and read me the second row." On the chart were the letters H, B, C, X, S.
The president said, "Z, Q, E, I, V."
Whoa. "Read the top line," the eye doctor said. The top line consisted of only one letter, E. The president said: "S."
The optometrist had never seen anything like this. According to this, the president was virtually blind. But didn't the commander-in-chief walk into the office unaided? Sure he did. Did he bump into anything? No.
The optometrist decided to try something a bit different. "I'm going to project some sentences from various newspapers up on to the wall, Mr. President, and you try to read them to me."
"Whatever you say, Four Eyes."
The optometrist slipped a news article into the projection machine, and suddenly, on the wall in front of the president were the words: "More than a thousand U.S. soldiers have died in Iraq and the casualties continue to mount."
"Can you read that, Mr. President?"
"Sure. It says, `Freedom is on the march.' "
The doctor said, "Interesting. Let's try another one." On the wall appeared the words: "Even some leading Republicans are now saying that the war in Iraq was ill-conceived and don't see a way out of it."
"Uh," said the president, "it says, `We are making the world safe by bringing democracy to Iraq right on schedule.' Although that last word, I think the last `e' is missing. Must be a typo."
"Let's try one more," the eye doctor said, and slipped another article into the projection machine. "Can you read this to me?"
" `Mission accomplished,' " said the president.
The doctor looked at the words on the wall. They were a headline that read: "Iraq: the new Vietnam?"
Now the doctor wanted to go through the same test again. The president read each phrase just as he had the first time, except with even more conviction. So the optometrist had him do it a third time. This time, the president offered up the same readings, but spoke with even greater authority.
The president spoke with such confidence, that the doctor was starting to wonder if maybe it wasn't the president who had the problem, but him.
"I'm going to give you a clean bill of health here," the optometrist said, sending the president on his way.
And then the eye doctor got into the chair the president had been sitting in, and looked at the big E projected against the wall, and slowly, he began to nod.
"It IS an S," he said quietly to himself. "Why did I never see that before?"

From Toronto Star.


October 03, 2004

US doesn't do Iraqi body count

"We don’t do body counts” - General Tommy Franks; US Central Command
Yes, General! You don't know what number comes after 100 and it is now tens of times more than what you can count.


October 02, 2004

An open letter from an American to the world

terrett has written an open letter to "those who lost in Kerry/Bush debate". In the letter, terrett apologizes to millions of people around the world who suffer from the policies of the United States and its failed leaders. Here is some parts of the letter:

To the women and children of Iraq and to all their loved ones, who, by the tens of thousands, have been blown to pieces, poisoned, shot, crushed, drowned, tortured, suffocated, or hideously disfigured and terrorized by U.S. and "coalition" forces...

..To all the innocent civilians and the justified freedom fighters resisting U.S.-led imperialism in their own land who will be blinded, mutilated, deformed, and killed in Iraq in the days and years to come..

...To the ideal of international law, which George Bush ridiculed as a weak appeal to international "opinion" and John Kerry failed to champion;

...To the Palestinians, who are subjected to inhumane living conditions and unchecked violence at the hands of Israeli forces, and to the many peace-loving Israelis who resist their government's abusive and illegal actions;...

...To those whose only exposure to American citizens comes in the form of movies wherein Arnold Schwarzenegger unloads machine guns, killing people and destroying automobiles, or Tom Cruise and actors of his ilk conquer foreign women and defend the "world" against the extraterrestrials that regularly descend upon Washington, D.C.;...

I wish more Americans would start seeing the realities and the impacts of the policies of their country the way terrett sees them.

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