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November 30, 2003

"The Giant": Similarities of a movie and the ongoing events

Last night, I had a chance to watch a fairly old moving staring Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor (SP?). The movie was called "The Giant". There were many issues in this movies but there was two particular points that reminded me of the similarities of the events of the movies and real current events.

Almost all the events occur in Texas: someone with not a very great personality and completely by luck, becomes extremely rich after accidently discovering oil in his piece of land. As a rich person, this movie shows how everybody including the governor and one Senator are kissing his behind in their speeches to cheering crowd by telling people how smart and incredible the lucky man is.

Also, I noticed one more similarity: The body of an American soldier who is killed in war is returned home, and yes the soldier was of a poor Mexican immigrant family. And this is while there are other similar age people who are safe and unharmed as they don't go to war. Of course, they are not from poor families.


November 29, 2003

Feeling "Blue"

Saba, the link on your blog; "Brewed Tea" to Radio Darvish and its Persian traditional music, made me feel so homesick.


Just about time!

Israel urged to destroy nuclear arms
"The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Mohamed ElBaradei, wants Israel to dismantle its nuclear weapons arsenal and believes all Middle East nations would benefit from ridding the region of nuclear weapons." Read here . We should all also focus on Israel now. However, Israel should not only be "urged" to dismantle its Nuclear arsenal, but it has to be pressured for it.

Ultimately, no country, I mean no country should have Nuclear weapons.


November 28, 2003

Oh, What a heroic president

"Bush was born with bravery. He is just so hero. He even goes to hot spots such as Iraq..... ." Perfect for American mind.

But he goes in the complete darkness, with massive secrecy on the whole visit. Almost no one knew. But it doesn't matter. It gives plenty to brag about in the US media to show him care and so much in touch with the American troops.

And this is a reaction from BBC about similar trip to Iraq made by Jack Straw, the foreign secretary of the UK. He is criticized for his visit and the way it happened. He went in secrecy too. Perhaps that is the difference between how Europeans react to the events that are considered heroic by the Americans.

If Iraq is such a horrible and scary place for the US president and UK Foreign secretary that they have to crawl into Iraq in the darkness, how could they easily send their 20 year olds to Iraq to live in horror, and occasionally wet their pants from nervousness of getting killed?

Also, this cartoon from Toronto Star is self-explanatory.


This is the anti-democratic US policies during past few decades

Bill Moyers, documents U.S. support of terrorist regimes and the brutality of Americas foreign policy. Watch here .

Criticizing Saddam? Oh, no, Americans are in no position to criticize any brutal regime unless they develop the courage to criticize their own first. Is this what many Americans are proud of?


November 27, 2003

Simple and to the point

"I know they're not going to stop trying to attack us. Everyone knows that. It's just not going to stop. We're in a country that doesn't really want us there," Monica Galvan, US soldier in Iraq


Why Zionists need Anti-Semitism!

This is an intersting article I read about how Zionists are using the accusation of anti-semitic to the critics of Israel. They have done this for so many years. Now, it's time to tell them that it doesn't work anymore. And they can't silent people by this anymore.


November 26, 2003

George Soros interference in Georgia's affiars

A while ago, I posted about the Jewish billionaire George Soros blaming Israeli policies and Jews for the growing anti-semitism in the world.

And now, it is a good opportunity to remind Mr. Soros that he is no better than his criminal brothers in Israeli government and his interference with the internal affairs of other countries will not help reducing the anti-semitism after all. This can fan the flame instead as it is another indication of the influence and abusing of the power and opportunities by people such as Mr. Soros who happen to be Jewish.


Bush, you are responsible for this

It is sad, isn't it? Those two children will never see their father again.

This is sad too, isn't it? This child will never see another day again.

And this father will never see his son again. Thanks to George Bush's bombs.

Hey Bush, world will never forget and forgive you. My most sincere hope is to see you and your criminal gang on trail for crimes against the humanity (against Iraqis and even against your own soldiers which happen to be mostly from less fortunate American families).


November 25, 2003

Iraq has an Ambassador to the U.S. ?

What a joke it is. An ambassador to a foreign country is supposed to implement the policies of his/her government when dealing with the host country. In a country which is occupied by the host country of the "ambassador", I am wandering what the real duty of the ambassador is and what is she supposed to do! To be the envoy of Paul Bremer and communicate and negotiate on different issues with the Bush government? Wouldn't it make more sense if Bremer did it by phone?

In the news I read and laughed at: "The appointmentof the ambassador will renew the diplomatic relations between Washington and Baghdad......". There is no such a thing as "diplomatic relation". This is nothing but Master-Servant relation. Right now, Baghdad is America as is Washington. So what the hell is "diplomatic relations"?

US-Installed Iraqi governing council can't even drink a glass of water without permission from its American masters, what policies is their ambassador supposed to work on when dealing with the Americans in Washington?


November 24, 2003

"Deadline Iraq"; It was just horrible - Update

All day, after reading the news yesterday morning, I was thinking of the horror two American soldiers faced when they were attacked and slained by angry Iraqi teenagers. Perhaps they were still alive when they were being dragged out of their car and were getting their faces flattened by the concrete blocks by which the Iraqis were hitting them. What went to them during those few horrible minutes is perhaps even unimaginable. Two human beings perhaps with lots of hopes and plans for future. What were they thinking when they were witnessing such a sad end to their own lives, when the Iraqi teenagers were hitting them from left and right with concrete blocks and slitting their throats. What were they thinking!

I could not resist thinking about this and I could not resist being so angry at criminals such as Bush and other hawks in addition to Blair and his criminal crew. None of these bastards have sent their children to such places to be slained and yet they continue beating the war drum.

This was horrible horrible and although I consider most of the US soldiers nothing but bunch of empty headed people who are playing the role of occupiers and I never had a bit of respect for them, seeing such an end to those young lives was no pleasure but a nightmare. I always try to put myself in these kind of positions so to have a bit more clear understanding of the depth of the horror: In those last few minutes, I would think of my family, the ones that I know I would not see anymore, I would think of how they would take the news of my death, I would think of the time of loneliness when my children want their father to be on their side, to wrestle with their father, to play soccer with him, to swim with him, to fill their time of loneliness with him, I would think of my wife who would begin struggling with single-parenthood, I would picture my mother who would break right a way after receiving the news.... . No, it is not even easy and I don't want to think of it for a second.

I lived with this all day, until it was time to watch Deadline Iraq: a documentary by CBC - Canadian Broadcasting Corporation . A documentary about the stories that were not told by the media during the Iraq war. Straight from the source, from journalists, camera operators and photographers from news organizations around the world untold horrors they witnessed.

- "Guys let's do it again tomorrow", a during-the-war scene of an excited American journalist who expressed himself after witnessing Iraqis being torn apart by the American soldiers and their weapons.

- "...Then I noticed how fun it was", another bastard journalist expresses his excitement.

- " show is on kids, let's go for it", show! This is what the other "in-bedded"bastard considered the initial stages of invasion of a sovereign country.

Many of them do not feel the same any more. But to me, they are the same animals for reacting to those horrors the way they did, even if it belongs to the past.

The documentary was incredible. The scenes were the scenes that Americans are not provided to see and since they are kept so busy with other stupid things, they don't even search for them to see what their country and their beloved soldiers did to that country. Otherwise, I am sure they would not let their leaders do what they are doing in their name.

While I was watching the celebration of American soldiers when they were killing Iraqis like they were hunting birds, While they were counting, with joy in their face, the number of Iraqis who were being burnt alive, While their excitement was obvious in their action, in every move they were making like they were playing Bowling and the more they hit the better score they would receive, While I was watching that those killers had mixed up action movies with real genocide, while ... And while...., I was also thinking about those two soldiers whose lives ended so tragically the way they did. Then I thought to myself, is it possible that these two soldiers had also celebrated the slaughter of Iraqis when they were alive and in action? Had they ever thought same thing might happen to them as well?

You can now watch the video of the documentary .


November 22, 2003

Why not invade Israel?

If rogue nations are to be brought into line by the US, shouldn’t Israel be punished for ignoring so many UN resolutions? Read here.

Fair question. Isn't it? Especially since Israel actually HAS weapons of mass destruction.


Hopes grow for UK firms in Iraq

Of course! These vultures are supposed to get some left-overs too. No?

"...This followed pressure from UK firms for prime minister Tony Blair to use his sway as Bush's closest international ally to help companies secure Iraqi construction deals...."
"...Mr O'Brien said he had been "encouraged by the receptiveness" of US officials during recent talks about how the funds would be split..." Read here .

If there is any contract for re-building Iraq, it should only be awarded by the true representatives of the Iraqi people not the American or British pirates. For god sake, we are in 21st century not 17th.


Don't let it go Mr. Ashcroft

By now I am sure you have heard about Maher Arar: the Syrian-born Canadian citizen who was deported to Syria by the US officials. He spent about a year in a Syrian jail and was subject to constant torture.

Recently, US Attorney general, John Ashcroft, has claimed that Arar deportation was within law . I don't know what law he is talking about but in short what I can say is that the appropriate place for the (Ashcroft's) law that allows and creates the conditions in which an innocent person goes into so much ordeal and torture is nowhere but in a toilet bowl with more than once flashing of it. Then, may be even Mr. Ashcroft should stick firm to his law and be a companion for that law during the circular downward journey.

I also found this letter to the editor interesting.


November 21, 2003

Perle admits the invasion was illegal

Richard Perle; the prince of darkness has admitted that the invasion of Iraq was illegal . Is this not enough to take him away and lock him up in jail until his trial for breaking the international law that has resulted in crimes against the humanity? Of course it is. But cannot do it. He is still too powerful for international law to put him and his fellow criminals on trial for crimes against the humanity.

Also Pedram at The Eyeranian has a post regarding this guy's recent comments of "I think in this case international law stood in the way of doing the right thing."


November 20, 2003

US F.A.D.A. just a mouthful for the big drug business

US "Food and Drug Administration" (AFDA) is apparently more committed to protect the "health" of the powerful American pharmaceutical companies than it is to unsure well-being of the Americans, particularly the dis-advantaged and elderly.

For quite some time, many low income Americans who cannot afford the extreme high cost of their prescription drugs in the US, have been ordering and receiving their prescription drugs through internet and from Canadian suppliers who are regulated by the government of Canada. This has been a very effective way for those Americans to "not die" because they don't have the money to afford American prices. This system has been so reliable in addition to affordable for those Americans that many State governments have been encouraged to seek this as an alternative suppliers of affordable, yet high quality drugs. Existence of this system has been also supported by the US consumer protection advocates: for instance by the group associated with Ralph Nader.

Instead of standing up to the powerful American pharmaceutical companies and pressing them for affordable prices, AFDA has intensified its fight against the Canadian suppliers. AFDA is at odd with the Canadian authorities and is pressuring them to stop the Canadian suppliers from supplying drugs to the needy Americans.

I, for one, am not surprised at all to see this shameful agenda of AFDA that is acting just as mouthful for the big drug businesses in the US. Well, why should I be surprised? After all, George Bush is the president and Dick Cheney is the Vice president and under their rule, the priority is the interests of the big business in all aspects, and "drug dealers" are no exception.


Wanted for War Crimes


November 19, 2003

"I am sorry...", Humor with a touch of truth

I was surfing the net and I came across this that reminded me of the need to provide you with a mixture of humor and truth. Enjoy it.


Penalties and repair costs used as "Tax Write Offs"

This is part a report I heard on CBC radio while I was driving to work today. Unfortunately, I reached the destination before the report was finished.

Apparently, some big Canadian industries who were (and are) convicted on environmental charges, had (and have) to pay some penalties as well as repairing the environmental damages they had (and have) caused. So, they have been paying the penalties and making the required repairs like "law abiding citizens".

BUT, they have also been (and are) using the same penalties and the cost of repairs against their taxes and as "tax write offs". This practice still exists in Canada by the big corporations and the government is not stopping them. Not very fair, is it?


Dirty Israeli Zionist policies dis-approved more and more by the world

Denmark will tighten controls to ensure that items produced in Jewish settlements in occupied Palestinian territories do not benefit from favourable trade conditions from the European Union.

In cases where Israel has not responded within two months, the goods have been more heavily taxed in Denmark. Danish foreign Minister Per Stig Moeller, speaking through his spokesman Samuel Majid, said that “Denmark's position, which is in line with that of the EU, is very clear on this subject: the government does not want to contribute any economic aid to the Israeli settlements”. Read more .


30% for Shoshana Johnson, 80% for Jessica Lynch

Both severely injured, Same vehicle, same mission, but not same skin colour! Result? 30% disability pension for Shoshana Johnson, but 80% for Jessica Lynch (the latest is that under pressure from a congresswomen and Jessie Jackson, Shoshana's pension might increase to 60%). Jessie Jackson calls it "pure racism". Go figure.


November 18, 2003

Is he just "Muhammad" or "John Allen Muhammad"?

I am sure by now you have heard about "John Allen Muhammad" the sniper. You might have just heard "Muhammad" as it serve the US media's agenda better. Today, He was found guilty by a Virginia court. The following is how the court decision was reflected in the US media:

"Muhammad Is Found Guilty in Sniper Case" NY Times
"Muhammad guilty of murder in sniper slaying" CNN
"Muhammad found guilty of murder" CNBC
"Muhammad Found Guilty of All Charges" Washington post
"Muhammad convicted of capital murder in sniper trial" USA Today
"Muhammad Is Found Guilty in Sniper Case" NY Times
"Muhammad Guilty Of Murder" CBS News
"Sniper Suspect Muhammad Guilty of Murder" ABC News
"Jury Reaches Guilty Verdict in Muhammad Trial" FOX News

So where is journalistic integrity here? He was not born and raised as a
Muslim. He is an ex-soldier with all the violent nonsense drilled into his sadistic mind. He is in fact the product of the US army. How conveniently they miss mentioning his first name in the headline. His first name- John Allen- is missing on all these headlines! At first glance, an American might think, Oh, prophet Muhammad has returned from his 1400-year grave and was trying to kill the great nation of America.

Is this all just a coincident? No headline calls him "ex-soldier" or even by his complete name: "John Allen Muhammad".

My position about this is not a religious position, so I am not upset because the name Muhammad is under attack. What is upsetting is to see how the American public is being fed by whatever crap the US media decides to feed them with.

US media is sure smartly deceiving the people in the US, but it is not smart enough to understand that the world is not only the US and world people are not only the American people and there are many smart people (like my friend Ahmad who brought this to my attention) in the world who can see this coordinated dirty journalism in the US, and that not only does not help American image, but it further damages it in the eyes of world people and this might even result in more hatred towards the Americans. Americans should realize their first and most dangerous enemy is the US media.


November 17, 2003

US continues its terror, this time on the environment

Ozone talks fail over US demands:
After ignoring Kyoto accord by the US, it is now time to ignore some other previous commitments on ozone protection.
Once again US acts against its previous commitments. Once again US displays its disgusting arrogance. Once again US shows how unreliable it is in fulfilling what it has already agreed.
Big business interests don't let the US breath a fresh air. And the big business servants at the white House do whatever in their power to satisfy their masters: the top 2% of the US population.
US bullying the world is displayed every day and the world is further realizing how monstrous it is.
From direct crimes against the humanity to indirect crimes through crimes against the environment, US is only leaving dirty traces from itself in every policy and action it takes.
Over 30% of the world pollution is created in the US which consists about 4% of the world population. Meanwhile, its leaders do nothing about it but to let the big industries continue their terror against the environment that belongs not only to the Americans (most of whom are damn too busy with baseball, basketball, football, Hollywood movies, talk shows and sope opras to realize what their leaders are doing to the world including the future of their own next generation), but to all people of the world.

Ozone layer will not be completely healed for at least 50 years

"At the Nairobi conference a number of countries requested small exemptions from the Montreal Protocol, the international treaty on ozone-destroying chemicals. But the US asked to be allowed to increase methyl bromide use in 2005 rather than eliminating it.
Methyl bromide is used to kill agricultural pests, and US farmers argue there is no effective alternative.

But David Doniger of the environmental group the Natural Resources Defence Council, who was at the talks, said the US government gave in to the demands of business.
"The Bush administration is tilted way over towards the polluters and caters to their wish-list of regulatory weakenings," Mr Doniger said.

The head of US delegation admitted there would now be pressure inside the US simply to ignore its obligations on methyl bromide." Read it here . Also read US 'censored' green report .

None of this is surprising however. US leaders breath in order to serve their masters.


The US planned self-rule for Iraq

Here is what Toronto Star columnsit thinks of Planned Iraq self-rule: What Iraq will get isn't self-rule" .

"It was because of our deep belief as Canadians in the values of multilateralism and the United Nations that we did not go to war in Iraq" - Canada's outgoing Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, to a standing ovation during his farewell speech at the Liberal convention in Toronto.

"The Prime Minister can't say it, but more than unilateralism, it was dishonesty that doomed George W. Bush's war on Iraq and soured much of the world on America.

Incompetence — exacerbated by imperial arrogance and cultural ignorance — turned the occupation into a nightmare......"


We don't want the organ grinder, but we don't want his monkey, either

Here are some excerpts of an article Iread regarding what is awaiting George Bush in London during his state visit to Britain:

"He's the least welcomed guest these shores have seen since William the Conqueror," says Scottish independent MP George Galloway, referring to the Norman warrior king who conquered England in 1066.
One stunt designed to exhibit such feelings is to take place in Trafalgar Square, where a six-metre-high, papier-mâché statue of Bush holding a cruise missile will be toppled.
"It will be like the toppling of Saddam Hussein's statue in Baghdad during the war," says protest organizer Ghada Razuki. "The big difference is that we will have 100,000 people bringing it down and cheering it on, whereas the Americans could barely muster up 200 Iraqis."

"...Americans have to realize that Bush's policies have managed to alienate even the people who are, historically, their strongest allies. He hopes the images will encourage Americans to "rescue the world" and vote Bush out of office. And if they help the British people do the same with Blair, then all the better.
"We don't want the organ grinder, but we don't want his monkey, either,..."


November 16, 2003

Ominous murmuring in Bush's ear

A dumb president lets others to ride on him. I found this New York Times article (Via Toronto Star) an interesting article that partially explores Dick Cheney's personality and his hidden roll in telling George Bush what to do. Here is some excerpts:

"Dick Cheney's dry Wyoming voice has the same effect on some male Republicans, starting at the very top, and even some journalists, that a high-pitched whistle has on a dog. How else to explain the vice-president's success in creating a parallel universe inside the White House that is shaping the real universe?..."

"....Cheney's parallel universe is a Bizarro world where no doubts exist. He indulges in extremes of judgment, over-pessimistic about our ability to contain Saddam Hussein and over-optimistic about the gratitude we would encounter as "liberators" in Iraq.
In Cheneyworld, the invasion of Iraq has made the world a safer place (tell it to the Italians), weapons of mass destruction are still concealed in all those Iraqi basements, every Iraqi insurgent is a card-carrying member of Al Qaeda and the increase in attacks on Americans reflects the guerrillas' desperation, not their strengths.
Guerrilla attacks on American soldiers are labelled acts of terrorism rather than acts of war, even though the official U.S. definition describes terrorism as attacks on civilians..."

"....But while some have suggested that the president feels let down by Rumsfeld, he still seems seduced by the siren call of that deep Cheney voice and lugubrious Cheney worldview" just like high-pitched whistle effect on a dog.

"...The vice-president cherry-picks the intelligence, then feeds his version of reality to Bush. The president leaves himself open to manipulation because, by his own admission, he doesn't read the papers (perhaps because he can't read well - Faramin) and relies on (call it takes the order from - Faramin) his inner circle to filter information to him.
The Philadelphia Inquirer reported last week that the CIA issued a top-secret report from Iraq, endorsed by chief administrator Paul Bremer, warning that growing numbers of Iraqis are concluding that the United States can be defeated and are supporting the insurgents.
The question is whether other voices can ever break through that sonorous, ominous murmuring in the president's ear."


Ex-Security chiefs warn Sharon

A few days ago, I posted this in which it was stated by some Jews including George Soros that Jews and Israel cause anti-Semitism. The recent attack on two synagogues in Turkey is a further evidence that Israeli policies have created so many enemies of Jews in the world and there is no reason to believe that the hostility against Jews will be reduced unless there is a drastic change in the inhumane Israeli policies against the Palestinians and towards a true peace.

In other development, four former Israeli security chiefs have seriously criticized the Sharon government for the way it treats Palestinians. It is interesting that (if not all) some of these security chiefs have perhaps a history of abusing Palestinians and now they have reached the point that they cannot win by brutality and that is why they are advising Sharon to change its policies before catasrophe strikes .


November 15, 2003

Is US (slowly) learning?

I have said before that the best option for the US to get out of the Iraq quagmire it has put itself in, is to set a timetable to gradually transfer the power to Iraqis.

Since the US administration is a slow learner (if at all), it has reached to the same conclusion and has recognised its present policy has failed now after many more innocent people have been killed in addition to many US soldiers.

May be it is too simplistic to say US rulers have learned enough from the Iraq unsuccessful experience, so they are now making wise decisions. The fact is that in making these decisions, US rulers have to consider many factors: mounting US casualties, Continued international disapproval of the invasion, Internal pressure as the body bags arrive and creation of a defeatable picture of the US in the eyes of world people and also seeing no victory in Iraq among many other possible reasons. But perhaps one of the most immediate impact of this unsuccessful adventure, is on the upcoming presidential elections in the US. Most US politicians would do anything (just anything) to get re-elected, particularly the un-principled politicians in the current US administration headed by George Bush (at least as it appears) and his gang who see nothing by personal benefits in evaluating different issues and options, despite the fact that it might mean suffering of many people including Americans and the US soldiers.

Having said all of this however, at least the idea of transferring the power to Iraqis is one step forward in reducing the already too much death and destruction.

Next page for the US administration to learn is to realize that as long as even one US (and British) soldier is in Iraq, the US (and Britain) will not be out of the quagmire. But if Iraqis see the US/British military machine in the process of leaving Iraq, they might make life less miserable for their soldiers in Iraq. So US should demonstrate its plan and intention that it is going to leave Iraq step by step and within a specific short timetable. Meanwhile, as the US/British presence gradually fades in Iraq, the presence of UN-lead forces should increase until all US and British armies are out and UN-lead forces are in.

Although, UN in general has left a dark memory in Iraqi minds by continuing 12 years of sanctions against Iraq which resulted in much hardship (at best) for Iraqis- and not Saddam's regime - Iraqis will be less reluctant to cooperate with the UN as they will not consider UN forces as occupying forces (at least not the way they see the US and the British). Even the duration of UN presence in Iraq should be limited to the time it takes to stabilize Iraq enough so the democratic and free elections can take place and Iraq is completely given to Iraqis and not just to bunch of US-puppets who are currently the tools of the American policies in Iraq.

Adopting and implementing such policy by the US administration, might save them from American Publics' boots in next elections. And then, if the American public remain as naive as it has been, particularly in last few years, to re-elect these people, then perhaps this administration is what they really deserve.


November 14, 2003

A father's pain when his little one is in pain

All this could have been avoided

We shall never forget and we shall never forgive. Mistakes can be forgiven, deliberate crimes can't.


What are these criminals up to? More death? More destruction?

The accusations increasingly sound like accusations against UN inspectors prior to attacking Iraq claiming that they were not doing enough to find Iraq's WMD (well, it was never found anyway). And now, looks like Washington Neo-Cons riding on the naiveness of their public are staging the ground to possibly attack Iran. How stupid they can be! After all, if they sink so badly in Iraq, imagine what would happen to them if they attack Iran. The most unfortunate part is the destruction their adventurism will bring to Iran. Read US attacks nuclear report on Iran


A nightmare worse than Vietnam!

Wasn't it said numerous times that Iraq could well become even worse nightmare for the US administration than Vietnam war was? Those who don't know enough of history (obviously haven't been thought in school) or are not capable of learning from past failed experiences of aggressions, might be shocked now to know that U.S. War Dead in Iraq Exceed Early Vietnam Years . That is to say the number of American soldiers killed in Iraq in only 7 months, has already exceeded that number of Americans soldiers killed in first THREE years of Vietnam war. No no no, it is not from Al-Jazeera, it's from Reuters.

The US can expect much worse nightmares from Iraq as more Iraqis back resistance .


November 13, 2003

New Delhi defeats Hamilton to host Commonwealth games

In a close vote of the 70 delegates from so-called Commonwealth countries, the finalist New Delhi edged Hamilton; the other finalist, to host 2010 Commonwealth games.

As a citizen of Canada, some might argue that I should be unhappy about this result. I might also be accused of being disloyal to Canada. Well, I'm not, but arrogance is unacceptable with any shape and nationality, and Whether it is Iranian, Canadian or American type of arrogance, it changes nothing in its unacceptable nature. Why do I call this arrogance and why I am not unhappy about this? Here are some reasons:

One of the points of argument for Indian delegate was that India is the biggest Commonwealth democracy and has never had the chance to host these games while Canada has had this opportunity four times before. Canadian delegate's response? "Thank you for the complement about the successful previous hosting of the games by Canada, but sorry, we would like to have it again". This is, in my opinion, the outmost arrogance and selfishness in part of Canada (I should say Canadian delegate rather) and is the most stupid reply one can give to the reasonable argument of Indian delegate.

Whether these games are good or not for Canada and for the city of Hamilton is not part of my argument here, but assuming (just assuming) it is generally a good thing for whichever city that becomes the host of these games, it would not be fair to deny India its first opportunity to host these games by giving it to Canada for the fifth time.

Beside all of this, I am also hoping to see Canada out of Commonwealth countries by 2010, as I see this gathering as a symbol of British colonialism. I am also hoping to see India out of this by then. So let the Queen or her successor play the games by her/himself.


Gallop Poll results? Increasing support for the US in Iraq?

One of the regulars of this blog recently referred to Gallop Poll claiming that general support in Iraq is increasing to the favour of new order (if it can be called an order).

While made-up results of Gallop poll claims such attitude in Iraqi people, CIA warns of defeat and warns that growing number of Iraqis believe the US-led coalition can be defeated and are supporting the resistance.

Whether CIA would say that or not, it wouldn't change the fact that any foreign occupation is deemed to be defeated and the US will be forced to renew the memory of Vietnam sooner or later.



I WANT YOU to stay in Iraq if it helps me get re-elected.
What? You might get killed? Well, sorry boy! I am your president. I and Dick are supposed to live not necessarily you. I will honor your memory and your service though, but sorry can't attend your funeral if you die.

Courtesy of Al-Jazeera


November 12, 2003

Yesterday's conspiracy Theories; today's conventional wisdom; tomorrow's must understood

"Yesterday's absurd conspiracy theory about the Bush administration has a way of turning into today's conventional wisdom. Remember when people were ridiculed for claiming that Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz, eager to fight a war, were hyping the threat from Iraq?

Retired military officers, like Gen. Anthony Zinni - formerly President Bush's envoy to the Middle East - have started to offer harsh, indeed unprintable, assessments of administration policies." Read here .


Dreamers and idiots

Those who would take people to war must first shut down the public imagination (almost done in the US prior to Iraq war - Faramin). They must convince people that there is no other means of preventing invasion, or conquering terrorism, or even defending human rights. When information is scarce, imagination is easy to control. As intelligence gathering and diplomacy are conducted in secret, we seldom discover - until it is too late - how plausible the alternatives may be. More here .


Iraq 'faces severe health crisis'

The people of Iraq may have poorer health for generations as a result of the war, according to a report. Read here .

Oh thank you President Bush and PM Blair for your "kindness" of destroying the remaining of our health.


November 11, 2003

George Soros says Jews and Israel cause anti-Semitism

George Soros is a familiar name in the corporate world. He is also a Jew. Last week he spoke to the Jewish Funders' Network and caused a stir among his audience. Referring to rising anti-Semitism, he blamed not the usual suspects, but suggested Bush, Sharon, Israel and Jews themselves contribute to this surge.

He said, "There is a resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe. The policies of the Bush administration and the Sharon administration contribute to that. It´s not specifically anti-Semitism, but it does manifest itself in anti-Semitism as well. I´m critical of those policies."

He shocked his Jewish audience by saying, "If we change that direction, then anti-Semitism also will diminish. I can´t see how one could confront it directly."

Here is a report on George Soros' speech as reported in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, JTA.


Re-election goal determines everything, not integrity, not true leadership, and not human lives

Anything just for re-election:
Why Bush can't afford to join mourners
"....But let's look at it from the president's point of view: If he grieves more publicly or concretely, if he addresses every instance of bad news, like the hideous spectre of Iraqis' celebrating the downing of the Chinook, he will simply remind people of what's going on in Iraq.
So it's understandable why, going into his re-election campaign, he wouldn't want to underscore that young Americans keep getting whacked over there, and that we don't know who is doing it or how to stop it.
The White House is cleverly trying to distance the president from the messy problem of flesh-and-blood soldiers with real names dying nearly every day, while linking him to the heroic task of fighting global terror...." Read more .


Zbigniew Brzezinski on lose of US credibility!

You might wish to read the text of speech by Zbigniew Brzezinski, former US National Security Advisor on Oct. 28 at New American Strategies for Security and Peace.

In the past, once "The former Secretary of State briefed the French President and then said to him at the end of the briefing, I would now like to show you the evidence, the photographs that we have of Soviet missiles armed with nuclear weapons. The French President responded by saying, I do not wish to see the photographs. The word of the President of the United States is good enough for me. Please tell him that France stands with America.

Would any foreign leader today react the same way to an American emissary who would go abroad and say that country X is armed with weapons of mass destruction which threaten the United States?.."
The above was an excerpt of the speech.


Americans sow seeds of hatred

Angry Iraqi tribes say they, not Saddam's forces, are shooting down US helicopters.

"While the US authorities maintain that resistance attacks are carried out by former Baathists and supporters of Saddam, they continue to ignore the tribal nature of the insurgency which has grown steadily over recent months. Deeply conservative clans like the 50,000-strong Albueisi have codes of honour which they complain the American army ignores at checkpoints and during raids on houses.

They also believe that the Koran demands jihad against foreign invaders. Asked how many American lives should be taken if one of their own is killed, the answer is: 'As many as possible.'

Last week an American Chinook helicopter was shot down by a heat-seeking missile a few kilometres from Sarab's house, killing 16 soldiers. It could have been worse, the neighbours say. Resistance fighters were ready to fire another missile at a second Chinook when they were stopped by worried locals."

"I saw the missile come from the west and hit the helicopter. After the crash, people got their weapons to shoot the US soldiers, but they were stopped. Everybody here hates the US." Read here .


November 10, 2003

55 year old "Backyard Terrorism School"

The US has been training terrorists at a camp in Georgia for years - and it's still at it.

"If any government sponsors the outlaws and killers of innocents," George Bush announced on the day he began bombing Afghanistan, "they have become outlaws and murderers themselves."

We don't need you telling us that you yourself are a murderer. Anybody with little functioning brain can figure that out. You are not just a murderer, you are dumb murderer who is told by others smarter criminals when and where to kill.

"For the past 55 years it has been running a terrorist training camp, whose victims massively outnumber the people killed by the attack on New York, the embassy bombings and the other atrocities laid, rightly or wrongly, at al-Qaida's door. The camp is called the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, or Whisc. It is based in Fort Benning, Georgia, and it is funded by Mr Bush's government. "
"The FBI defines terrorism as "violent acts... intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population, influence the policy of a government, or affect the conduct of a government", which is a precise description of the activities of SOA's graduates. But how can we be sure that their alma mater has had any part in this? Well, in 1996, the US government was forced to release seven of the school's training manuals. Among other top tips for terrorists, they recommended blackmail, torture, execution and the arrest of witnesses' relatives. " Dirt is falling off the US administration's face. It sure is a dirty and disgusting face. Read more .


What about Shoshana Johnson?

Johnson, an Army specialist, belonged to the same 507th Maintenance Company as Lynch. Unlike Lynch, Johnson fought to stave off their Iraqi captors. Like Lynch, she sustained serious injuries. But only Lynch got the headlines, the TV movie, the prime-time television interviews and a biography penned by a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer. Lynch, in short, got the full American-celebrity treatment, while Johnson largely got ignored. Many African Americans think that's simply because she didn't have the right "face."

Isn't this true? and if yes, isn't it just sickening?


November 09, 2003

What is the Military records of those who are sending Americans to war and to die?

The men who took America to war in Iraq are now calling for new recruits. But when they were called to service, how did they respond? The record shows that most of them ducked, deferred or even disappeared. Here they are:

George Bush (Commander-in-Chief): Details murky (perhaps understandably murky) regarding his record as a pilot in Air National Guard (keeping him clear of Vietnam).

Dick Cheney (Vice President): Did not serve. Was granted several deferments as a student, then as a registrant with a child.

Donold Rumsfelf (Secretary of Defence): Served in US Navy (1954 - 1957) as an advisor.

Richard Perle (Defence Policy Board): Did not serve.

Paul Wolfowitz (Deputy Secretary of Defence): Did not serve.

John Ashcroft (Attorney-General): Did not serve. Granted defermines to teach business law to undergraduates.

Collin Powell (Secretary of States): Professional soldier for 35 years.

Newt Gingrich (Defence Policy Board): Did not serve.

Dan Quayle (Defence Policy Board): Served in Indiana national Guard headquarters, keeping him clear of Vietnam.

Karl Rove (White House Senior Advisor): Did not serve.

These are the guys who have sent American kids to war and to be killed. It is always easy spending from other peoples' pocket. Just wondering if many of the American soldiers in Iraq know the shiny military records of their senders to war.

Sources (Via Toronto Star) :
Official biographies, Associated Press, Reuters, New York Times, ABC, Washington Post, Boston Globe, The Guardian, Newsday, Time.


A joke that is not quite a joke

The following was on Eyeranian today in the shape of a joke. I thought it was very funny but I wouldn't quite call it a joke as it is at least partially true. Enjoy!

A Man was in New York's central park when a dog went wild and attacked a young boy. The man was able to grab the dog by the neck, pulling it off the boy and choking it to death. A reporter for the NY Times arrives to interview him and congratulates him on his act of heroism.

The reporter suggests the headline: "New Yorker saves the life of a young boy" But, the man told him, "I'm not from NY." 'OK, then how about: "American hero saves the day!"' But, the man told him, 'I'm not American.' 'Then, where are you from?' asked the reporter. 'I'm from Pakistan,' the man answered. The next day the headlines read:



Washington sitting just beside Tehran

Ues of torture to obtain evidnece; It is done by regimes such as Tehran regime. And yes, by regimes such as Washington regime and regimes in several former Soviet republics.

"Diplomats and human-rights activists urged the United States and several former Soviet republics on Friday to adopt laws banning courts from considering evidence obtained through torture." Read here .


November 08, 2003

All this just to be re-elected? How inhumane!

Is this how good or bad is defined in the US politics? Read Out of Iraq before the election .


Jessica Lynch story, another dirty US lie that is only good for stupids

The headline says Jessica Lynch was raped by the Iraqis. Then you go to read the story, you see this is what the doctors claim about Jessica Lynch and not Jessica herself as she doesn't remember that happening. She denies many lies which were told by the mainstream US media: fighting to the last bullet, being beaten by Iraqis, getting all her bones broken by Iraqis while unconscious, being rescued by US "Rambos". Hollywood is right there, "in-bed"ed journalists are right there and filming it. Oh what brave soldiers. "America doesn't leave its kids behind", Proudly and repeatedly said after so-called rescuing Lynch and so many other crap that is easy to be made by the American media from CNN to Fox.

Now, she has spoken, and I am sure this is despite tremendous pressure from Pentagon and other US officials to go with their made-up stories so they don't buy more embarrassment than already have bought for themselves.

She criticizes the Pentagon for using her as a toll for their propaganda. She has nothing but nice to say about those who cared for her. She says there was no beating at all. She says she is so thankful for those people, because that's why she is alive today. She is unhappy for being used: "I don't know why they filmed it, or why they say that things ..." And "It hurts in a way that people would make up stories that they had no truth about. Only I would have been able to know that, because the other four people on my vehicle aren't here to tell the story. So I would have been the only one able to say, yeah, I went down shooting. But I didn't." She says that she was not only not beaten, but she had been well-cared for and had an special nurse who sang for her to comfort her.

The dirt and anti-ethics that dominates US media has needed a help and now, the unethical doctors are helping. It's like saying:" Oh girl, you don't understand, we do. You were raped whether you remember it or not". Is it impossible? No, it isn't. But the question is why should people believe the stories that are made up by the same people who lied about their true intentions in attacking Iraq? Why should they believe the stories made up by the same administration which has had nothing but lies and deceiving its own people? The same administration which even lied to the UN when they presented a masters thesis written many years ago as an evidence of Iraq having WMD?

Just like other actions of this administration which has had no respect for human lives, including the daily dying of its own soldiers, not to mention many other non-Americans, they can be killing Jessica Lynch by destroying her honor and emotions by claiming that she was raped. They can well ignore the emotional ordeal this can create for this girl that can stay with her as long as she lives. One day someone who begins regretting about being part of this yet another lie, might come out and say: "s/he was told by the Pentagon to claim Lynch was raped while uncontious". This has happened before and there is no reason that it will not happen again (or it might be the story of wolves and Sheppard). This administration only has credibility amongst those who have difficulty even practicing how to think and by a simple lie start jumping up and down just like monkeys. But I'm gald every day this administration finds fewer monkeys jumping up and down in response to its propaganda.

Interestingly enough Iraqi doctors dispute rape claim ;same doctors who cared for her.
You can also read Jessica Lynch condemns Pentagon .


November 07, 2003

Two articles about Israel form "Haaretz"

Israel bad for the Jews
The behavior of a self-described Jewish state affects the way everyone else looks at Jews... but the depressing truth is that Israel today is bad for the Jews convert Israel from a Jewish state to a binational one would cause far less disruption to most Jews and Arabs.

Israel faces a new enemy: poverty
While the bloody Israeli-Palestinian conflict captures headlines, for many Israelis a more intractable problem is now the daily struggle to get by.


Guns to kill Iraqis, or books for American kids so they learn how to read unlike their president?

"...I visited a public school in Northwest Washington. Some friends were holding a benefit to raise money for a library that had no books, desks, chairs or computers.

"...I left the school wondering why Johnny can't read. Was it the fault of government? I couldn't answer the question, but I discovered that maybe the administration and Congress can't read, either. And that scares the hell out me." The Rest here .


November 06, 2003

American by birth, Isreali at heart. Wolfovitz; One of many voices of Israel in the US administration

Paul Wolfovitz; one of the strongest advocates of violence against sovereign countries to the benefit of Israel and one of many US officials who are more Israeli than American.


Arar's case a possible shame for Canadian Police (RCMP) and Security Agencies

Maher Arar has recently publicly spoken about his life in captivity of Syrians. The ordeal he's been through and the level and style of torture imposed on him is unbelievably hard to even imagine.

The United Sates has always put Syria in the list of worst human rights abusers and has accused Syria of using torture against people, yet, and acknowledging this fact, United States deported Arar; a Canadian citizen, back to not Canada but to Syria where he was expected to be tortured. United States has one more time shown how disrespectful it is towards human rights and one more time broke the international agreements that prohibits deporting people to countries where they can be tortured. Father of two and a software engineer, Arar has spoken about his time in custody of FBI in New York while trying to connect to a flight to Canada. He was not allowed to eat or sleep for 28 hours. FBI had him sign forms that he was not allowed to read. He wasn't allowed to contact a lawyer and for six days, they wouldn't allow him contact anybody. They showed him a copy of an Ottawa rental lease he had signed in 1997. Also they mentioned so many other information about him that only could have come from Canada. And that is where the possibility of an unholy cooperation of the Canadian and US officials against this man.

This is seriously alarming as there is a possibility for the recurrence of such actions against the life of good citizens such as Arar who has never had a problem with Law but because he was born in a Muslim country.

Arar now is pushing for a public inquiry about this issue and so far, although sympathizing with him, Canadian government has refused such inquiry and has only blamed Syria and the United States for their abusive actions. Canadians have the right to know what happened and why it happened to Arar in order to make sure this doesn't happen to other people. Canadians have the right to ask their government to more strongly condemn the Syrian and American officials and push for a formal apology and compansation for Mr. Arar. Also, Canadians have the right to know whether Canadian Police and secrete services played any role in this obvious abuse of human rights.

Thomas Walkom, a Toronto Star columnist has written about Arar's case in his coloumn Canadian citizen let down by his own government .

Also Read what another Toronto Star columnist; Graham Fraser who wrote about Arar's Syrian hell: "he lived in a grave" .


"I'm terrified about what is happening to my country"

An American "human shield's" ordeal upon returning from Iraq:
"My goal was to humanize the Iraqi people to Americans back home.
...When I got back they were waiting for me at the airport. The customs guy said, "What the hell were you doing? All those people over there hate us." I had just spent three weeks among the poorest people I had ever encountered, who were giving me the last of their food and a tremendous amount of hospitality, despite the fact that I was from a country that wanted to bomb them back to the Stone Age. They questioned me like I was a terrorist. I'm scared about what's happening to me, but I'm terrified about what is happening to my country. My real concern is that this is possible in the United States." Read the rest here .


November 05, 2003

UNICEF boxes

Good chances are that for the second time in three years my now 6 year old son has raised the highest amount of money in our town on Halloween night using the UNICEF box supplied by his school. I can't explain how proud it made me feel while witnessing him describing the box to people and asking them to help "hungry children" as he put it, before asking for candies. He mentioned the phrase "trick or treat" only after he was finished asking for peoples' help for the hungry children. Two years ago when he was only 4, he was interviewed by two local newspapers and was asked why he decided to help other children. "I thought no body would help hungry children, so I decided to help them", he told the reporter. He had also put 10 dollars for the same box from his piggy bank and this year he officially has increased it to 1 dollar a week out of his 3 dollars weekly allowance.


Maternity deaths in Iraq have nearly tripled

The number of women who die of pregnancy and childbirth in Iraq has nearly tripled since 1990, according to a reproductive health survey conducted by UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund. Bleeding, ectopic pregnancies and prolonged labour are among the causes of the reported 310 deaths per 100,000 live births in 2002, which the study found had risen sharply from 117 deaths in 1989. Miscarriages have also risen, partly due to stress and exposure to chemical contaminants. Read here .

It is undisputable that the 12 years of criminal sanctions which only hurt ordinary Iraqis and not Saddam has played a major role on this. It is also reasonable to predict that these figures will rise as a result of the constant frieght and stress caused by the the current ongoing war.

I was advised by one of the unhappy readers of the blog that if I use the word "criminal" too many times, it will loose its weight. He may be right, but what can I do? I truly cannot find a better vocabulary to describe the nature of current US administartion and its actions. So, untill my English improves, this is the most meaningful word that I have to use.


More American bullets into the hearts of more Palestinians

U.S. to ask Congress to give Israel $2.22 billion in military assistance. Read here.
God Bless America (for Israel) and this is while most Europeans (and I am sure world people) think Israel is the greatest threat to the world security. Well, they give the silver medal to the US too. Bad, barbarian and uncivilized Europeans!


Bush Says God Selected Him For Presidency: the man is dangerously crazy

“I feel like God wants me to run for President. I can't explain it, but I sense my country is going to need me. Something is going to happen... I know it won't be easy on me or my family, but God wants me to do it,” Bush told James Robinson, according to the British daily, The observer.

In the lead-up to announcing his candidacy for the presidency, Bush told a Texan evangelist that he had had a premonition of some form of national disaster happening. Read here and here .

I thought god would be smarter than that and I thought Presidents are "elected" not "selected


November 04, 2003

Son breaks father's record in sinking a country's economy

I guess the "high talent" is something genetic in Bush dynasty.

The federal budget deficit hit a record $374.2 billion in 2003, the administration reported Monday, as the costs of the war in Iraq, a new round of tax cuts and economic weakness pushed the government's red ink to the highest level in history.

Providing a final accounting of the budget year that ended Sept. 30, the administration said that the 2003 deficit was more than double last year's imbalance of $157.8 billion.

In dollar terms, the 2003 figure easily surpassed the old record of $290.4 billion set in 1992 when President Bush's father was president. Read more .


Let's not forget the detainees in Guantanamo Bay

More than 600 foreign nationals have been detained without charge or access to lawyers and family members in the US naval base since November 2001.

An international filmmaker has exposed America's Guantanamo Bay detention camp as a "human rights scandal". Read here .


Ramadan Iftar Dinner at the White House

Here is a clip from the recent Iftar Dinner at the White House. Listen to George Bush and his Muslim 'humble servant' apologist.


US soldiers busy "liberating" Iraq

Photo says it all


November 03, 2003

Israelis also behind 9/11 attacks?

"Were they part of a massive spy ring which shadowed the 9/11 hijackers and knew that al-Qaeda planned a devastating terrorist attack on the USA?" These ba..rds are capable of any crime. Read Sunday Herald's investigation.


Miles from 'fair and balanced'

Charlie Reina, a veteran producer this week alleged that Fox News executives issue a daily memorandum to staff on news coverage to bend the network's reporting into conformity with management's political views.... . Read here .
Well, this is what Americans have been fed with for years without realizing it.

Also see Israel Is Spying In And On The U.S.?. Well this was first aired at Fox news, but apparently it has been removed from Fox's website.


"Not safe until getting out of our land"

Referring to the downing of US helicopter that killed at least 16 US marines, an Iraqi was very calmly saying (to CBC reporter):"This is a good lesson to the greedy aggressors to teach them that they will not be safe until they get out of our land".

I could completely feel what he was saying and yes, I sympathize with him


Human Jews attacked by animal Jews

A group of rabbis from a peace group in Israel have been attacked by armed settlers.
Rabbi Ascherman said that he would not be deterred from assisting Palestinians in protecting their lives and land and that he felt anger and embarrassment towards the settlers.
''These people believe that their Torah tells them to vandalise land and abuse Palestinian people. I will continue to come here day after day to tell these settlers that they are wrong and that the Torah doesn't teach us Jews to behave in this way''. Read here .


November 02, 2003

Number of Hungry Families in U.S. Rising

"WASHINGTON (AP) - About 12 million American families last year worried that they couldn't afford to buy food, and 32 percent of them actually experienced someone going hungry at one time or another, the Agriculture Department said Friday.

It was the third year in a row that the department has seen an increase in the number of households experiencing hunger and those worried about having enough money to pay for food.

Based on a Census Bureau survey of 50,000 households, the department estimated that 3.8 million families were hungry last year to the point where someone in the household skipped meals because they couldn't afford them. That's an 8.6 percent increase from 2001, when 3.5 million families were hungry, and a 13 percent increase from 2000. Also, more and more families are unsure if they can afford to eat or don't have enough food in their cupboards." Read here .

I am sure Cheney's family and Rumsfeld's family are not among them. Are they? All these are happening while billions of dollars of money is being spent to develop, make and use the deadliest bombs that do nothing but killing of people in other countries and making the very own American public suffer from starvation. I have been accused of disliking Bush and his gang. How could I not be? Just one filterless glance of these gangsters and their actions and the level of secrecy they have in order to hide things from their own people can be clear evidents of their criminality. I'd like to say it again: George Bush and his gang are criminals. Just look at them and listen to them, even the way they talk can give you a feeling that they are hiding things, that they are not honest and they are criminals. They have committed crimes against the International law, against Iraqi people, against the American soldiers by sending them to death zone and against the American public by deceiving them and by wasting the money that can feed hungry Americans families (never mind other starving people of the world).


November 01, 2003

EU poll: Israel biggest threat to world security

U.S. beats out 'axis of evil' in causing global instability, Read here.
This poll results which was taken throught Europian Union countries has made Wiesenthal Center very angry asking to exclude EU from Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Also read this as well as Israelis angered by EU 'threat' poll


Iraq contractors donated heavily to Bush: Keep it coming Mr. Great President

Of course they would. Unlike some...., these vultures are no fools.

"While some of the contractors were previously known to have ties to White House officials — such as Halliburton, formerly headed by Vice-President Dick Cheney — the group found several lesser-known firms that also are linked to senior government officials. "

"Most of the companies that won contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan were political players," said Charles Lewis, the centre's executive director. "Those companies contributed more money to the presidential campaigns of George W. Bush — more than $500,000 — than to any other politician over the last dozen years."
Read here .

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