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November 28, 2004

In humane issues, kids outperform many grown ups

I always make sure not to speak with children and in front of children about specifics in politics as I believe this will otherwise be a pure violation of their rights to hear, read, see, feel and understand the world affairs independent from other points of views imposed to them and finally judge for themselves about the specific issues. This has been the case with my own little one. However, all of a sudden this conversation took place between us today:
- "Dad! Has president George Bush ever been a child?"
- "Yes, He has"
- "but I don't think he has"
- "why not?"
- "If he was a child once, he would understand why it is not fair to kill other childrens' dads. He would understand that children need their dads".

I was surprised of hearing such words from a kid, but thought to myself that the poor kid might not even know that Bush hasn't just killed dads but the children too. However, at that point I had to redirect our conversation to some other subjects. But then again I thought to myself: "How is it that so many grown ups don't understand what this little kid easily understood?"


November 24, 2004

Who is protecting the Iraqi citizens and children?

There were some comments exchanged in the previous post in which the US's war and Occupation of Iraq was said to be a war that the US believes is to protect the US citizens. It was a huge embarrassment for the US in the world stage when it was exposed that previous Iraqi regime, no matter how criminal, was no threat to the US. But it seems like there are still some people that buy that nonsense and believe this was otherwise.

Speaking of the "protection of the citizens", the question is, who is protecting the Iraqi citizens who are suffering from both sides, the US occupation and the fundamentalism that the US has helped grow? Today, Iraqis are suffering from the basics of living. They are suffering socially and financially in addition to not having any security and peace of mind. According to the UN report, Iraqi children are suffering the most under U.S. occupation. Yes, who is protecting the Iraqi citizens and Iraqi children who are nearly starving?


November 21, 2004

He doesn't want, but the world people do

Texas Democrat Sylvestre Reyes says it's time to rethink the presence of embedded reporters in combat zones. During a hearing of the House Armed Services Committee, Reyes compared it to a football game, saying "we don't want to know everything that's going on the field."

Although the "in-bedded" so-called journalists have been mostly serving the criminal activities of the war machines by becoming their propaganda tools, occasionally, things haven't gone exactly as planned and parts of the crimes captured by the cameras have been leaked. This is angering Mr. "Democrat" Sylvestre Reyes. He wants to make sure all the crimes committed by the US troops are kept from the eyes of the world, including the American public.

It is quite understood why Mr. Reyes doesn't want everything about this murderous war to be known but unlike Mr. Reyes, good people of the world don't consider the death of human beings as part a "footbal game" and don't take any pleasure in it. Unlike Mr. Reyes, Good people of the world "want to know everything that's going on in the field". Everything and not just the selected ones.


November 19, 2004

A minor pain, reminder of a huge tragedy

After making a stupid mistake, I burnt two of my fingers today. Although it is only a simple and minor burn, It is painful; very painful. I know what causes my pain and I know that my pain is because of my own mistake. But whatever it is, this pain only reminds me of those whose bodies have been extensively burnt by the bombs of "liberation". Particularly, I think of those burnt children who have done no wrong and are too small to even understand were the pain is coming from and why they are in pain. I'm sure they are painfully puzzled with a combination of pain and confusion, if they are still alive, that is!


November 17, 2004

Psycho leaders taking the world to the edge

After renewed efforts of the hawkish US administration to develop new generation of (mini) nuclear weapons as well as developing the so-called Missile Defence System, Russia is now getting back to this dangerous game which not long ago was thought to be coming to an end: Russia working on new nuclear weapon system. This system could include a missile designed to defeat the US missile "defence" system.

Indeed these powerful crazy world leaders are taking the world to the points where there might not be any return from. Why do the peaceful world people have to be constantly worried about the actions of bunch of psychos?


Israeli house demolition policy: a war crime

Israeli rights group, B'Tselem estimates that, on average, twelve innocent Palestinians are made homeless every time a suspected militant's home is destroyed.

The report said 47% of the demolished houses had never been home to militants involved in attacks on Israelis.

B'Tselem described Israel's policy as a "war crime".

...In total, Israeli soldiers have demolished 4,100 Palestinian homes since September 2000, leaving 28,000 homeless, B'Tselem said...

...Palestinians were given prior warning of the demolitions in fewer than 3% of cases, according to the report...


November 15, 2004

Who is going after these terrorists?

U.S. Presbyterians warned to change 'anti-Israel' stance:
Special safety precautions were taken in Presbyterian churches throughout the United States on Sunday after leaders received threats that churches would be burned by Monday if they did not demand a reversal of what a letter writer called their "anti-Israel" policy.
and this is all because
The Presbyterian church decided in June to divest itself of companies doing business with Israel.
Read this Haaretz article.


Who is the real enemy?

Do you support your country even if what it does is evil? So what does that make you?

"Support American soldiers murdering innocent civilians throughout Iraq and win the hollow, uneasy applause of your neighbors?"

AP Photographer Flees Fallujah:
I decided to swim ... but I changed my mind after seeing U.S. helicopters firing on and killing people who tried to cross the river.
Read the rest here.
US blocks aid from reaching Fallujah residents
United States troops have prevented a Red Crescent convoy of emergency aid from reaching residents inside the Iraqi city of Fallujah, after allowing it as far as the main hospital.
Read the rest here.


November 13, 2004

That's right. Not all Israelis are fascists

Israeli Peace activist and former Israeli MP, Uri Avnery tells about Arafat in his article: "A Man and his People".

He also believes that Arafat Wanted Peace.
"Contrary to the demonisation of Yasir Arafat by the Israeli government, we believe that he was the man who wanted to make peace,"
"More importantly he was the man that was able to make peace and what is even more important, he was the man that was able to get his people to accept the peace. In this respect Arafat was unique, and I think we shall long for him,"
Read more.


November 11, 2004

Banana-in-hand monkeys celebrating the death of Palestine's father

Yaser Arafat has died at the age of 75 from a mysterious illness. The illness that is not likely to be known for quite some time. Was he gradually poisoned by the Israelis? Who knows! That is not to be ruled out so easily. Israeli leaders have shown to be ruthless enough, to be criminal enough to act as inhumanely as possible. Those who have killed so many Palestinian civilians and children so easily, cannot have difficulty in deciding to kill the symbol of resistance to their occupation of the land which does not belong to them.

Even if the Israeli leaders have nothing directly to do with the death of Yaser Arafat, they are still considerably responsible for his death. For 2.5 years, the aging Arafat was confined in only two dark and damp rooms; one, his bedroom and the other, his office while he was in constant threat of Israeli ambush to kill him. He was told by the Israeli occupiers that he could go out of the Palestinian occupied territories, but could not come back to his land. But he always disappointed the occupiers by defying their wishes. After all, he was in his own land, although practically in a prison surrounded by vultures.

Arafat is dead but the Palestinian cause is not. Palestine has to be freed from occupation. Palestine belongs to the Palestinians. Arafat is dead but he will still lead the Palestinians to achieve their dream, their independence. Arafat was not just a person. He was the symbol of the struggle for statehood. Although Arafat did not have the chance to see the independence of his country, but he knew that it was coming; sooner or later. It is unavoidable. Occupation will eventually lose. Israel will eventually lose. That is the course of history, the history that some people are just not smart enough to learn from.

Today, after the news of Arafat's death, the camp of fascists, or the camp of banana-in-hand monkeys who were jumping up and down was full of celebration. A combined celebration of crimes, death and stupidity.

Arafat is dead, but no, he is not dead. Arafat is not dead, because Palestine is not dead. Arafat is Palestine and Palestine is Arafat.

So long father of the Palestinian nation. One day, your dream will come true. One day, your people will tell you that they are free. One day, they will tell you that your home; your Palestine is free. One day, Palestinian children will smile. One day... .


November 08, 2004

Was US elections stolen AGAIN?

Even though Kerry has stopped fighting for the presidency, serious questions abound about the use of electronic voting machines. Take this story: In a voting precinct in Ohio's Franklin County, records show that 638 people cast ballots. Yet, George W Bush got 4,258 votes to John Kerry's 260. In reality, Bush only received 365 votes. That means Bush got nearly 3,900 extra votes. And that's just in one small precinct. This in a state that Bush officially won by only 136,000 votes. Elections officials blamed electronic voting for the extra Bush votes.
You might find this interesting.


November 07, 2004

US bombing of "targets"

You must have heard many times reports claiming the US bombed "targets" in Fallujah, making it sound like targeting the militants only. Well, once again, US bombs were dropped on "targets" in Fallujah. This time, the target was a hospital which was completely destroyed.


November 06, 2004

First things first !

That reminds me of this cover page of The Daily Mirror.


November 03, 2004

The show is over

Reporter: "Who did you vote for and why?"
A homeless in California: "I voted for Bush because he makes me feel safe at home."
What? Bush makes you feel safe at home? what home? Do you mean at your homelessness?

Reporter: "Who did you vote for and why?"
Another homeless in California with almost no tooth in his mouth: "I voted for Kerry, because I like his name better."

Well, It's over. In the race between the bad and the worse; the worse was the winner. And Americans lost again, without even realizing it.

Finally, Kerry conceded defeat and after calling and congratulating Bush, he spoke to his fans. In his speech, he sounded like an honorable loser. He accepted that he lost. But he had some advice to his supporters; some "patriotic" advice. He asked his supporters to support the winner of the race. He told them that in the US elections, no one is the loser. He told them that next day everybody would wake up American again. He told them that helping to bring "democracy" to Iraq and Afghanistan must continue until the US soldiers come back home with honor. He told them.... .

But Kerry didn't go after Bush. He didn't show a real integrity in his speech, although his speech was designed to portray him as such. But no, he didn't have integrity; not a bit.

His lack of integrity, was clear from the time during the debates with Bush, when he kept speaking of American casualties in the war, American lack of safety and security because of the Bush policies, American...., American..., American... .

To Kerry, just like to his rival, it did not matter if 100,000 Iraqi civilians, majority of them women and children, have been killed because of the war in general and American air strikes on cities in particular. Iraqi lives didn't matter to him. HE NEVER MENTIONED A WORD OF IRAQI SUFFERINGS. NEVER. Only Americans and only Americans.

The man who can so easily and so freely use the term "killing", as Kerry did so many times during the debates, without considering the fact that millions of American children were also watching their potential "leader" on TV, cannot have integrity, cannot have the sense of responsibility, otherwise he would not use that word so easily. He just wanted to not to be far behind of the killer president. He just wanted to say, I can kill too.

The man who never lost the race in kissing Israel's ass and offering unconditional support for Israel, especially in a time when Israel is making life miserable for so many millions of Palestinians, cannot have integrity.

With all due and deserved respect to perhaps millions of my fellow citizens of the world who happen to be Americans, to those who know what real integrity is, to those who are of the hardest hit human beings who have to live in a country where a criminal gang with a proven criminal record against the humanity, receives even higher approval from the American public compare to the last elections, I have to say:
"In a so-called democracy, people deserve what they get as their leaders, and perhaps the general American public deserves to have a stupid and dumb president along with his murderous gang as its leaders."

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