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August 21, 2006

Israel trying to pick a fight again?

Just a short note:

Only couple of days after acceptance of the UN Resolution, Israel has already violated the Resolution for at least twice by continuing its military actions. This has been clearly identified by Kofi Annan as violation of the Resolution.

After the embarrassment of defeat of 15000-strong armed-to-the-teeth Israeli offensive in the hands of only a few hundred lightly armed Hezbullah fighters which ended up with Israel being practically forced to somewhat accept the ceasefire to avoid further embarrassment inside and outside Israel, Israeli international terrorist leaders are now considering to pick the fight again; this time with the hope of defeating Hezbullah and to stop the continuation of the political fall out in Israel.

Now, how much the human cost of this will be? They don't give a damn.


August 18, 2006

The Last Star (Aakharin Kokab)

The Last Star, a soothing piece of Persian song/music (When there, click on AAkHARIN KOKAB).


August 15, 2006

An interview with Ahmadinejad

I'm not sure what to make of this interview. You decide.


August 13, 2006

Despite accepting the UN Resolution, Israel continues killing civilians in massive numbers

Leveling of the highrise buildings and...., scenes like this are common even after the UN resolution has been passed and accepted by Israel. Even CNN is practically forced to admit and show the devastations after the Israeli bombings of Beirut, the city of millions. And while you are watching this video, just pay attention to the barbaric fundamentalist Israeli forces who are busy praying to their god in the shadow of their guns, I wonder what kind of f**ked up god that is. See, it is not only Islamic fundamentalists who kill in the name of god, Israel Jewish fundamentalists too, are even busier killing in the name of god. Wouldn't it be better if these common stupidities of killing in the name of gods and religions would leave us all alone? Wouldn't it be better if religion leaves the human kind alone? Wouldn't it be better if religion would be kept personal and if not be put id a toilet bowl and have it flushed down?

Religion has always been a tool for conflicts, for killings, for devastations.... . Get it out of human to human interactions. Then, we will all have a better world.

Now, back to Israel's acceptance of the so-called cease fire, every single death caused by Israeli actions and bombings before and after the UN resolution, is a good and sufficient case to put the Israeli leaders on trials, such as the trial of the Nazi leaders at the Nuremburg.


Bush's dual "qualities"; dumbness and hypocrisy

I read that
US President George W Bush says Hezbollah and alleged UK air plot suspects share a "totalitarian ideology" they are seeking to spread.
I bit this idiot doesn't even know what the word totalitarian means. He also said
they kill civilians and American servicemen in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they deliberately hide behind civilians in Lebanon. They are seeking to spread their totalitarian ideology."
I wonder what the f**k these two statements have to do which each other, the way he says one and concludes the other. He tries hard to sound intelligent, but he knows, as many intelligent people do, that he really is dumb and stupid.

Then I read that he said
the terrorists attempt to bring down airplanes full of innocent men, women, and children.
Wow, "innocent children". Look who is talking. The "man" who himself is responsible for the death of tens of thousands of children; the "man" who should be put on trial for the crimes he has committed against entire humanity, the "man" who..., is now concerned about innocent children. Oh, simply f**k off idiot. Simply f**k off George.


August 10, 2006

A rare grilling of a liar

Don't miss this interview in which the Israeli ambassador to the US is grilled by a rare confrontation from a decent reporter. Just sense the pattern of lies from the ambassador.


Tariq Ali: Toward A New Radical Politics

This couldn't have been said any better: On Hizbollah, Tariq Ali says:
I don’t agree with their religious views, obviously. I’m not a believer. That’s hardly a secret: I state it in public. However when a country is invaded and attacked and people resist it’s important to speak up and to say they have the right to resist and to defend their right to resist.
However, he sounds quite despondent when talking about secular forces in the Muslim world, who he says are lacking in self confidence. Tariq Ali says:
... in many parts of the Islamic world, secular forces, where they exist, tend now to be so unsure of themselves, so lacking in self-confidence, that in many cases—not in all—they line themselves up fairly squarely behind the imperial project and that then creates a big vacuum in which the Islamists become the dominant power because they are the only ones then who are seen as resisting. And that I think has been a very, very dangerous development in the Islamic world. And when I go often I meet very, very good people—intellectuals, writers—just sitting completely despondent, trapped between the American hammer and the Islamist anvil, not knowing which way to turn.
Ali is indeed speaking the minds of so many other people.


August 09, 2006

Poll: 60 percent of Americans oppose Iraq war

That's all? After so many years and so many thousands of shattered lives? Only 60%?
Well, I know things are slow in the US, but hey, they are at least moving in the right direction.


August 07, 2006

Incredible George Galloway!

Watch how George Galloway crushes the unethical interviewer from the start of the interview to the end. Watch how he humiliates the interviewer as symbol of the manipulative media. Watch how he shows how biased the mainstream media is.

I am sure the interviewer has regretted interviewing Mr. Galloway.

The interview somewhat reminded me of Galloway's humiliation of the US senate committee back in May 2005 in which he completely turned the table on them, and successfully accused them of committing crimes against Iraqi people.


August 05, 2006

Another 9/11 in the making?

And all across the Muslim world, "we" - the West, America, Israel - are fighting not nationalists but Islamists. And watching the martyrdom of Lebanon this week - its slaughtered children in Qana packed into plastic bags until the bags ran out and their corpses had to be wrapped in carpets - a terrible and daunting thought occurs to me, day by day:
..."That there will be another 9/11...." Robert Fisk.


Destroying a country's infrastructures, a war crime

And this is one of the roads through which the emergency supply for millions of Lebanese are supposed to come. Especially now that millions of civilians depend on these roads to bring them the first essentials of life, Israel is expanding its war crimes by potentially causing starvation amongst millions of people.


A decent Jewish voice

It is no longer tenable to claim “I didn't know” about crimes against humanity.

...After World War II at the Nuremburg tribunal, Nazis attempted to exonerate themselves by claiming that they did not know about the genocide. It is no longer tenable to claim “I didn't know” about crimes against humanity. There is ample witnessing and documentation of genocides in Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Rwanda, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guatemala and now in the Middle East...
...We fear that Israeli crimes against humanity will persist when even speaking about them entails accusations of anti-Semitism.

...The Jewish Women's Committee to End the Occupation

Great to hear the voices of these great women and mothers. If it wasn't for the Jewish groups like this, the hatred towards the entire Jewish community could be widespread. So, it's time to thank these rare voices of humanity (amongst mostly pro-Israeli Jewish community) who are in fact serving the Jewish people and their very existance by speaking up against Israel and its barbaric criminal behaviour. The existance of these women is indeed like insurance for the safety of Jews world wide.

Keep up the great work ladies.


August 03, 2006

US Media Coverage of the Middle East Conflict

Perhaps that's one of the reasons there remain many lazy-minded stupids who have lent their non-functioning brains to others to decide for them.

Great documentary exposing the roots of the corruption in the US media in general and when it comes to coverage of the Middle East conflict in particular.

Also, very interesting: Is America Watching a Different War? American, Lebanese and Israeli Panel on How the US Media is Covering the Invasion of Lebanon

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