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December 30, 2005

A mass murderer clown

Saw this at eyeranian. Couldn't resist sharing it with you.

As is rightfully stated there:
This may have been humorous if it wasn’t oh so very sad. Thousands killed and he still finds his WMD jokes funny.
Yes, how could this bastard see anything funny in this? May be it is because he is "cool" so we should leave politics out of this (a manner suggested by a "brilliant" idiot) and just have some fun.


December 21, 2005

Simply dumb or seriously manipulated?

Let me be frank, and I don't mean to offend anybody but, I don't know any nation, particularly in the developed countries, lower in independent analytical power than the American people. Otherwise, how could it be that the public opinion, about significant issues such as Iraq war, so-called war on terrorism, and George Bush's approval rating, in the US fluctuates so frequently and so significantly in such a short time?

Americans have been too slow in realizing what has been happening in their names, and now that they are slowly; very slowly, waking up from their sleep, they are still played with by whoever who can manipulate them more effectively. They have practically become like mold which takes the desired shape, based on the forces applied to it. It is a shame that with so much technology available to them, with so much access to the internet which can be a great source of information, the general American public has no real opinion of its own. The question is whether Americans are just simply not smart enough to recognize bad from good, fraud from honesty, crime against humanity from liberating humanity and so on, or the level of manipulation in the US is much more that thought and is systematically pressing the soft brains of the Americans to the "desired" shape. Whatever it is, so much sudden fluctuations (in either direction) in the public opinion about the non-fluctuating subjects is an indication of an intellectually non-functional society. And yes, it is sad, and even worse, dangerous that there is so much power in the hands of the country with such ineffective guardians (the people) who are ideally supposed to ensure the power is not abused.

This little article might be a good indication of how serious the intellectual problem in the US is.


December 18, 2005

"Independent Iraq" nothing but a joke

US Vice-President Dick Cheney made an unannounced visit to Iraq on Sunday - his first since the 2003 invasion....
...It was kept so secret that it is thought even the Iraqi prime minister was not told beforehand.
Cheney visiting Iraq without an invitaion from the Iraqi government? Even worse, not even letting Iraqi PM know about the visit? Well, who said that the Iraqi government is not a puppet government?


December 14, 2005

Beautiful Monika Jalili

I just received the following from a dear friend of mine and I thought to share it with my readers here:

Those of you who haven't seen or heard this beautiful second generation, half Iranian soprano, Monika Jalili who performs Iranian folk and popular songs, just click here, sit back and watch/listen to her one-hour concert. She has a beautiful voice and sings with passion. Monika is a classically trained sopranovocalist born in New York City. She has delighted audiences around the world in live performances, on radio and television. Monika is a multi-lingualperformer, fluent in French and with a love forPersian music and culture. Monika is currently devoting the bulk of her time to bringing the beautiful songs of Iran to as many people as possiblewith her group NoorSaaz.

To those who know Pary Zanganeh, I am sure Monika will sound very much like her.



December 12, 2005

Capital punishment is wrong! It is barbaric!

Damn you 19th century barbarians.


December 09, 2005

Trigger happy cowboy bast**ds

At least one passenger aboard American Airlines Flight 924 maintains the federal air marshals were a little too quick on the draw when they shot and killed Rigoberto Alpizar as he frantically attempted to run off the airplane shortly before take-off.
"I don't think they needed to use deadly force with the guy," says John McAlhany, a 44-year-old construction worker from Sebastian, Fla. "He was getting off the plane." McAlhany also maintains that Alpizar never mentioned having a bomb.
"I never heard the word 'bomb' on the plane," McAlhany told TIME in a telephone interview. "I never heard the word bomb until the FBI asked me did you hear the word bomb. That is ridiculous." Even the authorities didn't come out and say bomb, McAlhany says. "They asked, 'Did you hear anything about the b-word?'" he says. "That's what they called it."
When the incident began McAlhany was in seat 24C, in the middle of the plane. "[Alpizar] was in the back," McAlhany says, "a few seats from the back bathroom. He sat down." Then, McAlhany says, "I heard an argument with his wife. He was saying 'I have to get off the plane.' She said, 'Calm down.'"
Alpizar took off running down the aisle, with his wife close behind him. "She was running behind him saying, 'He's sick. He's sick. He's ill. He's got a disorder," McAlhany recalls. "I don't know if she said bipolar disorder [as one witness has alleged]. She was trying to explain to the marshals that he was ill. He just wanted to get off the plane."
Once again an innocent man is dead
and a family is devastated because some idiots have grown up with too much gun games, not realizing that this is not a game anymore and that the result of their pathetic incompetence is irreversibly devastating.


December 08, 2005

A little advise for Jack Straw

Reportedly, In the video recently released, the kidnappers of the two Canadian, one American and one British citizens working with the organization called Christian Peacemakers, have dismissed British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw's plea to contact him. They say Straw is lying and doesn't want to talk. In response to this, Jack Straw has said:
These four men are all campaigners for peace, dedicated to the helping of others, and we ask for their release... .
I don't know if Jack Straw is really that stupid or he is just pretending to be stupid or even worse, if he has other hidden agendas; otherwise, he should know it better than anybody else that his definitions of "campaigners for peace" or "dedicated to the helping of others" is not the same as that of the kidnappers. After all, the whole invasion was under the banner of "campaign for peace and security of the world" and "helping of others - the Iraqis". The result of which has been the occupation of Iraq. In fact, the concept of "peace" and "peaceful" is defined completely differently by the kidnappers and the "Foreign Minister" of one of the two main occupying countries of Iraq.

If Mr. Straw really wants to save the lives of the hostages, the best way is to distant them from himself and his government and even to criticize them as "trouble makers" for his government's policies in Iraq.

The kidnappers' interpretation of the word "peace" used by Straw, is occupation. So when Mr Straw calls the hostages to be "campaigners for peace", that could mean to the kidnappers that the hostages are partners and explicit in the occupation of Iraq and thus, it could put their lives in more harm than before Straw's comments. If the intention is to try to secure their release, the other alternative for Mr. Straw is at least to shut up and not to make any comment about what kind of people he considers the hostages to be.


December 07, 2005


The United States has made a clear, direct, unequivocal statement about the use of torture. Its official policy now is to honour the United Nations ban on cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment, not just at home, but around the world as well.
Its official policy NOW is to honour the United Nations ban on ... . That will not go away and the US with the leaders such the ones in power right now will continue its abuse of human rights around the world. But it is interesting that the US is "officially" agreeing to honour the UN's ban on torture from NOW ON. OK, even if that's true and even if they are going to act humanely from now on, what about until now? What about what they have done so far? How about putting the US leaders on trial for their crimes to this date, and after they pay the price for their crimes, then let them be what they now claim they will be!


December 04, 2005

Foreigners? What foreigners?

Of 1,300 suspected insurgents arrested over the past five months in and around Ramadi, none has been a foreigner. Col John Gronski, senior officer in the town, Anbar's provincial capital, said that almost all insurgent fighting there was by Iraqis.
No, whatever or whoever they are, they are not foreigners.

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